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Who we are

Want bigger lips but don't want lip fillers? Neveya Cosmetics has products that can enhance your natural beauty without needing invasive procedures.

Neveya Cosmetics is proud to stock not only some of the worlds best selling cosmetics brands, but also brands that are true to maintain the highest values of their purpose. We have chosen specifically brands that are in line with our values in ensuring that pure, ethical and technologically advanced procedures are undertaken in the manufacture of all products we stock. All of our brands are cruelty free and many are derived from vegan ingredients too.

The make-up we sell has to not only give a point of difference to other brands but also will give the consumer the absolute best cosmetic outcome to enhance their experience. We want you to look youthful, on trend and ultimately the best version of yourself that you can possibly be! Our product range is constantly changing and we are always on the look out for the next best product that will enable you to experiment and change your look as many times as you want!

Many of our brands are Australian made and we endeavour to promote as many Australian brands as we can, but we also choose brands from around the world that give the greatest value to our customers.

Choose from brands such as Youngblood Cosmetics, Dreamweave & Co, The Quick Flick, Jessica Cosmetics, and many more. We guarantee our products will not only give you the most incredible look, but will also make you feel incredible too!!

We promise that you will LOVE our products!

Dreamweave Products

Dreamweave & Co Lip Voltage is the nearest thing to having lip fillers without the pain or the price tag – so if you want big pouting lips then use our Lip Plumpers to achieve that look!

Captain Fawcett

If lashes that last until the next morning are what you need for a big night out, use our Dreamweave & Co Lash Extension Magnet Mascara or our Dreamweave & Co Lash Construct Mascara for those full, big lashes that won’t clump, smudge or give panda eyes.