Ladies if your man has a beard, raise your hand. 

Can bearded men get any more self-confident than this? I believe they can’t. Especially if they are rocking a beard that feels as smooth as it looks. One thing is for sure, beards are not a trend that come and go – they are a lifestyle choice that stays long-term. How you wear your beard depends hugely on how you take care of it. You just can’t let it grow and not groom it. Actually, you can, but you will look messy, bushy and unattractive and not the way you want to portray yourself to the ladies!

Grooming your beard means that you need to dedicate some precious minutes of your time regularly, every day. But what if you come across problems that are making you doubt your beard lifestyle choices? Fret not, because there isn’t anything the beard oil can’t solve. In fact, here are the most common problems you might encounter in the process of growing a beard and the proper solution for them.

Itchy Beard?

man having his beard trimmedThis is as uncomfortable as it sounds – the discomfort of an itchy beard is widely known and the first reason why men decide to shave off their just-starting-to-grow beard in the very beginning. The problem arises because of the probable use of low-quality trimmers or razors whose blades rip off the follicles into tiny strands with the looks of splinters. When these hair strands start to grow, they grow inwards and bury into the skin. The fact that these follicles are pretty much thick intensifies the piercing and itching feeling you experience during the day.

The solution: use tools with very sharp edges and as close as you can to the skin. And afterwards, apply beard oil. The hairs will preserve the hair’s natural tapered edge and will become soft and hydrated which will get rid of the itchy problem.

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