Dry Skin?

man touching his beardWhen it comes to growing your beard in the colder seasons, your skin and facial hair may become very dry. And if your beard is longer, the dryness might be a lot more intensified. Add to this the inappropriate use of cosmetic products including soap or hair shampoo and the dryness reaches its worst condition and ends up producing beardruff (that is beard dandruff).

The Solution: regular application of beard oil. Beard oils are the best solution to beat beard and skin dryness, much better than balms and conditioners. One of the reasons to buy beard oil is because beard oils are made of natural and organic carrier and essential oils that provide a plethora of benefits to the beard.

Brittle Beard?

ma n looking at his beard in a mirrorThe split-end hairs from the coarse and dry follicles create a messy, unattractive look, as we already mentioned. However, one of the reasons for this might be the use of scalp hair products and soaps that dry out the beard and extract all its moisture. Also, you might be washing the beard too often which creates the counter-effect – you strip away all the oils off the follicles and instead of making it smooth and shiny it becomes coarse and unattended.

The solution: apply beard oil after every wash. It will give the beard an extra layer of protection and the humidity it needs.

Knotted Beard?

man preparing to shave his beard offAnother problem that may arise is the appearance of knots in the beard. When the beard dries, the hairs curl and form knots that are hard to comb and are appalling to look at. This happens because not enough sebum is produced in the sebaceous glands.

The solution: buy beard oil and a brush or a comb along with a pair of scissors. Again the beard oil will come to the rescue with its high hydrating power. Also, use the comb and scissors to get rid of those knots and style the beard in a perfect way.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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