Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Apply healthy makeup on it, and you will get a flawless look that will last forever. Taking care of your face with healthy makeup is not a trend. It is the bare minimum you should provide. After all, we all want to be beautiful and not just with our makeup on, right? That is why we must follow these tips to be able to enjoy the benefits of flawless skin. Here is what we need to do.

Wake Up and Exfoliate

The first thing you need to do in the morning is to gently exfoliate your face with your skincare products of choice. Make sure that your face is not oily nor dry after washing. You should feel it soft and comfortable to touch. If you feel it is too tight after washing this probably means that the products you are using are drying your skin and are not suitable to use or they have too many chemicals in the formula. To find the right products you need to consult your dermatologist who will advise you what to use according to the type of your skin and turn to 100% natural products.  

Moisturise Day and Night

skin problemsTo keep your face looking fresh and healthy, you must moisturise it. Before you apply makeup, apply a refreshing spray, some micellar water, or face cream that creates a smooth and silky look. Your face will be hydrated and look youthful at all times. Do the same at night, before going to bed – after you’ve cleaned your face thoroughly, apply your favourite product and leave it set. You will know when the formula is absorbed when you touch the face, and there will be no tacky feeling.

Apply Foundation

Even if you are going for the natural look, you shouldn’t skip foundation. The truth is that quality foundation will not only even the texture and give the skin the same tone but also it will protect it from the elements and outside factors. It is our recommendation to use a mineral foundation as it will give your face a dewy, supple finish that will glow throughout the day. Plus, it will provide the skin with the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy look.

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Clean your Makeup Brushes Regularly

taking care of makeup brushesA very important thing that is often neglected by many is to clean your makeup brushes regularly. And by regularly, I mean every few days or even every day if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin. Why is this important? When you leave your brush in the open, particularly the ones you use to apply liquid makeup on your face, the brush becomes a nest of germs. Do you really want to use the same brush if you know that germs are comfortably nesting in it and patiently waiting to get on your face? No, right?

That is why you must clean the brushes regularly. Put some of your face cleanser on a rubber face scrubber and rub the brush against it under warm water. You would have to repeat it several times, but your brush will be thoroughly cleaned in the end.

Remove All Makeup Before Calling it a Night

The final tip – remove all makeup before going to bed. No excuses of being too tired or having no time for a night routine. It won’t make any difference if you use quality products for the skin if you don’t cleanse the face at night. At the end of the day, your face is not only covered with makeup but also with dust and dirt that have accumulated on the skin during the day. If you are dreaming of healthy skin, thoroughly cleansing is simply a must.