What is the easiest way to look awake instantly? By applying mascara, of course! This product favourite among all women is easily picked as one of the makeup essentials every woman needs in her make-up kit! The effect of mascara varies from casual to cold and dramatic. It defines the lashes and gives a sleek look around the whole eye area. However, you can easily make a mistake when you are applying it.  Here are a few tips on how to correct those mistakes and in time you’ll become a pro.

So, here are the 6 ways of correcting the most common mascara mistakes.

Do you use mascara ONLY horizontally?

The simplest way of applying mascara is horizontally wiggling the wand from the root of your lashes to the top. That is completely fine, except you won’t get the best of the formula if you are doing it only in this way. You can try coating the lashes by turning your mascara vertically so you can get to the roots of the lashes. You can move the wand in a windshield wiper motion so that you can get to every single hair of the lashes.

Do you curl your lashes after applying mascara?

If yes, that’s a mistake right there. If you want to curl your lashes with a lash curler do it before applying mascara. If you don’t follow that order you will probably end up losing your lashes.  When there is mascara on the lashes they become sharper and stiffer so, when you curl them they might break easily.

Or, to avoid completely this issue, get the best mascara available and never worry about curling your lashes, as the formulas of these mascaras are amazing and will actually curl the lash as they dry – then you can get it all done with just a few strokes with the wand.

Applying the best mascara

Do you skip concealer on the lids?

Mascaras can leave smudges. That is something we all have suffered from. Especially for those lucky girls with long eyelashes! A simple trick for applying mascara on long lashes is to keep the eye looking down for a few seconds to give time for the formula to dry. And in case you get a smudge then use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to get rid of the stain – but quickly before the formula dries.

So for now, you are all set. But what about later in the day when dark smudges appear on the lids? This often happens on the oily skin and oily eyelids. The solution: use an eye primer or concealer on the lids before you apply mascara in the morning. In this way, the mascara will be locked in place.

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