Do you pump the wand into the tube to get more formula?

If you do, it is no wonder that your mascara dries out very fast. Literally, everyone makes this mistake but once pointed out, it is so easy to correct. When you pump the wand into the tube you allow for air and bacteria to enter the tube drying the formula and causing a spidery look. What you should do instead is to use a twisting motion on the wand and you will be able to get to the bottom of the tube. However, when three months pass from the opening date, throw the mascara away.

Do you put the wand back in the tube with all the excess mascara on it?

If yes, here is where clumps in the inner corners of the eyes come from. Always wipe off the brush after use with a paper towel or press it against the end of the tube to get rid of the excess formula. However, if you are using a well-designed mascara and a wand, it won’t make clumps.

Do you apply another layer of mascara hours after you did the first time?

You shouldn’t reapply mascara during the day – remember – that is not your lip gloss, lipstick or lip plumper. Take off the makeup, refresh the face and the lashes and apply the makeup including mascara anew. If you don’t have time to redo the whole makeup look consider using waterproof mascara because it stays on longer. Or, you can try the amazing “lash extensions in a tube” mascara that lasts for days.


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