Your body is your temple. How you take care of it reflects how others see you and perceive you. To have flawless skin you don’t need to buy hundreds of dollars worth of expensive products. You just need to pay extra attention to your cleaning routine and make sure you know how to combine the products well. To help you out, here is a list of things you need to do if you want your skin to be in flawless condition.

Always wash your face thoroughly before going to bed

Whatever you do, make sure your face is perfectly clean before falling asleep. Remove all makeup, exfoliate and moisturise your face so that the pores of the skin are cleansed and will enable the skin to breathe. That way the skin will re-energise throughout the night and it will look fresh in the morning.

Leaving your makeup on and going to bed is like a slow death to the skin. Yes, it sounds scary but it is true. It will lead to breakouts and premature ageing.

Exfoliate gently

ingredients to exfoliate your face

When you are washing your face, exfoliate gently. You won’t scrub away dirt faster if you go too hard on your skin. All you will do is make it rough and red and it will end up being irritated, which a source of new problems. You should use an exfoliating brush but make sure that you keep it clean so that you don’t transfer any dirt or acne-causing bacteria on your skin. The brush is an excellent solution to clean all of the tiny pores as you won’t be able to do it with your fingers.

Don’t wash your face more than 2 or 3 times a day

Overwashing can also create a problem. If your face feels greasy that doesn’t mean that it needs more soap or water to be washed again. Instead, it gives a signal that it needs to be hydrated but not by stripping away its natural greasiness. Therefore, use an astringent after cleansing,

Keep your phone clean too

Have you thought about how much bacteria you are transferring to your face from your dirty phone?

Yes, phones are very dirty because they are always exposed to outer conditions even if they are protected in a case. The case doesn’t protect your phone from becoming a nestling place of bacteria, instead, it encourages it if you don’t clean it with a proper solution that disinfects it. Hence, always have an antibacterial wet wipe with you to wipe away the dirt on the phone.

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