Change your pillow case

Pillow cases absorb all the dirt from your hair, hands and sweat during the night so consider changing it every few days. It would be pointless to clean and exfoliate your face every night if you later put it on a dirty pillowcase. The dirt will easily transfer to your face. Hence, change them often and enjoy a fresh and comfortable smell every night.

Don’t touch your face and don’t POP the pimples

pop pimples

It is hard to resist popping a pimple, but seriously, don’t do it. You might make it worse and cause an infection. Instead, dab a bit of sulphur treatment on the pimple or some concentrated tea tree essential oil. Also, don’t touch your face: don’t rest your chin or your cheek on your hand  – that is how germs are transferred.

Less is more

Use fewer products for your skincare routine. Don’t expose your skin, especially your sensitive skin to products that are not necessary and suitable for your skin. Never try more products at once in hope that you will find just the right one because the effect can be completely disappointing. You might end up with disastrous results and it will be hard to come back from that condition. Plus, try turning more to nature and use natural products that bring a plethora of benefits with them

Talk to a dermatologist

Whenever you are uncertain about the better option for your skin, consult your dermatologist. They will always tell you the pros and cons of a specific product. Never decide on your own, especially if you have problematic skin. If there is a need for more potent products to be included, your dermatologist will know best what to do.

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