The most advanced Lip Plumper on the market is the Lip Voltage Chamber Made by Dreamweave & Co. It has a precise, dual dispensing system that mixes 6 custom formulations in one tube. It has a contoured applicator with a programmed system for adjusting the tingle sensations. As the most loved out of all the lip plumping products, Lip Voltage contains a clinically proven Peptide Collagen ingredient that increases collagen in the lips if it is used correctly on a daily basis over a 30 day period. Your lips will be bigger by 20%. It is incredible when you come to think of this number as it will be achieved naturally, without any pain, bleeding and fear of risks that something might go in the wrong direction.

And here is how to use it.

  • Release the lock system, remove the lid and make sure the applicator is clean.
  • Choose from the 6 formulations according to your level of sensitivity (don’t worry as all the selections plump the lips)
  • Twist the rail and select the custom formulation by selecting the preferred voltage
  • Push the spring loaded base to release the mix

How to use Lip Voltage


If you feel that the voltage is too HOT to handle, turn back to the JUST PEPTIDE NO TINGLE formulation, press the release button and wipe the applicator head with a clean tissue before mixing again.

  • Massage the lip line and just above the lip line with the applicator.
  • Voila! In just a few minutes you can see the results.

Dreamweave & Co Lip Voltage Chamber Made Lip Plumper


The latest version of LipVoltage with dual dispensing system and 6 custom formulations in one tube. It makes your lips naturally plumped, soft and permanently bigger.


It is good to know that “JUST PEPTIDE NO TINGLE” is the Peptide formulation that builds collagen in the lips over a 30 day period. You should use this formulation every day before you go to bed and the results will become evident in just one month. Your lips will be bigger by 20%. And the best part is that the formulation builds the collagen permanently which means your lips will remain permanently bigger.

Also, the “JUST PEPTIDE NO TINGLE” doesn’t cause any heat or tingle sensation. And if you want an immediate plumping effect, then you should choose settings 2-6. Logically, the higher you go, the quicker the expansion will take place. Don’t be confused, though, as you will still get the same size of lip enlargement if you use 2 or 6, it is just matter of time – with 6 you will get it much faster.

The HOT section is not pre-mixed and it won’t dispense the peptide so if you use this formulation as a treatment, it won’t benefit you. You need to make sure that you are releasing the peptide. So what you need to do is first turn the “JUST PEPTIDE NO TINGLE” apply it and then turn the dial to HOT, choose the settings 2-6 and pump to apply. Keep in mind that 6 is too HOT and it is not appropriate for the sensitive skin.

Now you can enjoy your lush lips!