Let’s talk about what you put on your lips! How do you make them sensual, appealing and always ready for a kiss? What colour brings the superhero out of you? A favourite topic among women, without a doubt, are lip makeup products. Simply, there is no woman who doesn’t like lipstick or lip gloss. Even in ancient times, women made their own kind of lipsticks by crushing gemstones and bugs (can you picture it!) to create a red colour. Today, we are far from the primitive ways of producing the colour that best enhances the beauty of our lips as the cosmetics industry offers countless options. Here are all the types of lip products so you can choose the one that shows your mood and personality.

Lip Gloss

If you are in the mood for instant shine and a glamorous feel then lip gloss is your perfect choice. Lip gloss is a liquid formula that instantly boosts the visual appeal of your lips, creating a transparent coat that can shine or glitter. It is often applied with a lip brush that goes together with the tube. It might be better to take it in your purse when you go out because you may have to reapply it if you are eating or drinking regularly. There are different types of lip glosses and here they are.

Clear Lip Gloss

The clear lip gloss provides a perfect transparent shine to your lips if you apply it directly on the lips. Or, you can use it as a top coat to your lipstick to create an even more colourful punch. If you want not only shiny but fuller and bigger lips you can consider the best clear lip gloss that is in fact, a lip plumper that plumps your lips without the pain, bleeding and excessive swelling from lip fillers. It is a revolutionary new product with an advanced formula that keeps your lips hydrated, smooth and voluptuous.

Satin Lip Gloss

Satin Lip gloss can be applied as a smooth, fluid liquid that has gel-like properties.  You can often change the consistency and volume by using a contouring brush to achieve a perfect finish.  It will leave the lips with a locked in colour that will last for several hours.  The satin sheen has non-drying properties and so will leave the lips with a beautiful soft look.  Many colours can be chosen for the perfect satin lip gloss!

Lip Gloss Shades

Pigmented Lip Gloss

These lip glosses are excellent if you don’t want to apply more than one layer. Even though they don’t give the shimmering effect, they still produce a lot of shine, bold colour and an attractive smile.

Shimmer and Glitter Lip Gloss

If you feel nostalgic for 2000, then shimmering lip gloss is your ideal choice. The lip glosses with fine-milled shimmer enable you to shine away through the day or night. The glitter lip gloss is different from the shimmering type because it comes with chunkier glitter in the formula which creates the extra sparkly lip effect.

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