We have previously talked about how amazing is beard oil and we discovered its three fantastic secrets. We even made sure you know that it is part of the list of must have products for perfect grooming of your beard. Needless, to say, if you love your beard, we promise that you will love beard oil. And what is a better option than a natural beard oil that exudes with nutrients for facial hair and the skin?

So, why are we discussing the natural beard oil again? Because it is worth every single word and positive comment. In fact, people often explore about it on the net and ask questions in hopes to gather useful information. Thus, we are glad to help you out. We’ve picked the top questions you guys often ask Google and we are going to answer them for you, giving you reliable, correct and objective information. Let’s dive in.

Google Questions Beard Oil

Do beard oils actually work?

Yes, they do. They are made from a carrier and essential oils that bring nothing but health and nourishment to the facial hair and skin. The carrier oils are usually Argan, Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Castor oil all of which stimulate the hair growth, repair the split end, prevents hair loss and are high in Vitamins (especially E) and fatty acids. The essential oils are present to build the scent along with the health benefits they provide. Choosing a natural beard oil not only invigorates the skin and protects the facial hair but also prevents beardruff from producing and helps you style the beard easy.

Can beard oil grow beard?

It can help the process, yes. Not to make any confusion, though, the beard oil won’t change the rate your beard grows, but it creates conditions for the healthy growth of the facial hair. The Argan and Jojoba oil in the formula stimulate the hair follicles to grow in a healthy environment that means fewer split ends and, scruffiness and messy looks. This is possible because these oils penetrate the pored on the skin of which facial hair grows and enhance the elasticity of the hairs. Also, because of the antioxidants and vitamin E that are present in the oils, the cellular membranes of the facial hair is repaired and strengthened and they make the beard more resilient. And the more resilient the beard is, the more it will grow.

Which beard oil is best?

Let’s be subjective here because we can and we are supported by facts and awards: Captain Fawcett Booze and Baccy Beard Oil by Ricki Hall.

Captain Fawcett Booze and Baccy Beard Oil by Ricki Hall


Luxury in a bottle  - the winning formula od beard oil with a powerful scent that is simply a "Must-have".

Just take a look at the description:

A rich and complex blend of essential oils which combine the luxurious base notes of honeyed fresh tobacco leaves, dusty aromatic frankincense, maple-like benzoin, woody oakmoss and warm exotic vanilla bean, layered with mid notes of fresh hops and sweet bog myrtle finished with the top notes of spice from the bay rum tree and zesty orange.

No further explanation needed.

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