To beard or not to beard? According to the impeccable looks of some of the most famous people on the planet, the answer is most certainly YES. Just look at Jason Momoa, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth – apart from being today’s most famous superheroes, they rock the macho beard look and they look fine as hell! However, if you want to avoid looking like a wanderer from the Great Bush, you have to follow some basic rules to get the sexy, clean look of your beard. The first one on that list is to use the best beard shampoo. The second? Read on to find out.

Macho Beard

The First Rule – Shampoo It

Even if you are the very beginning of growing your beard, you must use a separate shampoo for your beard. What you should be looking for is an ale-based shampoo that includes malt, hops and brewer’s yeast as ingredients so that you can get your beard in tip-top condition for booting. The formula of such a shampoo will get you through the itching phase, a phase in which the faint-hearted easily give up.

The reason to use a special beard shampoo for your beard is that you want to avoid drying out the beard and the skin beneath, which will be the case if you use regular soap. The moisturising you will get from the shampoo will prevent the hairs from getting brittle.

The Second Rule – Condition It

After rinsing off the shampoo you must put some heavy-duty conditioner on it and let it sit there for some time. This will keep your beard from getting too wiry. You can even think of the option of leave-in conditioner which you don’t have to rinse out.

The Third Rule – Trim It

This is a must. You should do it with the right tools. These include electric trimmer for the edge of your beard on your face, scissors and a comb for shaping the bulk. If you prefer a long beard than you should trim it every two months. On the other hand, if you want to keep it short, trim it every few weeks.

Trimming the Beard

The Fourth Rule – Shape It

What to do with curls that keep on forming? Ditch them by combing, blow drying or applying beard wax or beard balm. The best type of a comb for your beard is an afro comb. If you have problems with long hairs that stick out longer than the bulk, use the pair of scissors and snip them off. Always fluff your beard out by brushing against it.

The Fifth Rule – Grow It for a Cause

Perhaps the best period to start growing your beard is in autumn. The cold weather will complement your beard. Another reason to start growing it in autumn is the opportunity to raise your voice in the Movember campaign. Movember is an annual event that involves growing a moustache during the course of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide. Be a Mo Bro and join the list of numerous celebrities who accept this challenge.

An Extra Tip

The beard shampoo Australia men love using is the Award-winning Captain Fawcett’s Beer’d Shampoo. Not only does it cleanse it thoroughly but also it leaves it looking splendid and lustrous.