May was the month of the lip plumpers. A lot of you fell in love with these non-invasive products that make your lips bigger and plumped. That is why our new blog post is about the best lip plumping products that give incredible results. If you haven’t already, you must try them. Here is why.

Dreamweave & Co Lip Voltage Chamber Made Lip Plumper

Lip Voltage 2018

This revolutionary lip plumper is surely at the top of the list of many people who have tried it. It prompts permanently bigger lips and enables you to control how you use it by giving you the chance to adjust the tingle sensation.

It has a precise dual dispensing system that mixes 6 custom formulations in just one tube. There is a contoured applicator that you can use to programme the system and interchange the tingle sensations.

The Lip Voltage contains a clinically proven Peptide Collagen Ingredient which will increase the collagen in your lips by 20% if you use the lip plumper regularly and correctly over a 30 day period.

It is very easy to use and there leaves no mess behind. Tested on scientists and not animals and it doesn’t contain any allergens or irritants, it is perfectly safe to use without any side effects.

Furthermore, if you have already had lip augmentation procedure (lip fillers), then you can use the Lip Voltage by Dreamweave to keep the lips plumped for longer without having to repeat the lip filler injections.

Lip Voltage effect

One thing you should do, though, before using this lip plumper is to patch test before regular use to see how your skin reacts to the formulation. Also, never share a tube with a friend because not two sets of lips are the same. Finally, always wash your hands after using it and avoid contact with the eyes. If contact does happen, immediately rinse with cold water and if your eyes are still irritated then seek medical advice.

All lip plumpers have ingredients that naturally irritate the skin in the lip area and this is how they actually work. They increase the blood flow in the lips and make them plumper and bigger. To be on the safe side, avoid using it if you are pregnant in the first trimester.

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