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Captain Fawcett is a high-end brand for the Gentleman’s grooming requisites. It offers amazing beard and moustache care products that are made with high-quality hand-picked ingredients based on an old legacy.

Captain Fawcett’s Private Stock Beard Oil is simply a bestseller. It is a delectable blend of fragrant essential oils fused with Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Vitamin E base oils. Used daily, this elegantly scented balance of replenishing herbal balms will soothe, moisturise and invigorate both skin and facial hair. It is made in the UK.

This time, we won’t be the ones telling you why you must order this beard oil online from Neveya. We’ll let the happy users tell you all about it. So, here are the reviews from people all over the world. Enjoy.

Captain Fawcett Beard Oil


Excellent handmade beard oil that soothes, moisturises and invigorates both skin & facial hair.




I have been using Captain Fawcett’s beard oil for a few days so I thought I would write a little review.


Normally packaging doesn’t really excite me and I discard the box right away but it’s worth mentioning that the box it comes in is rather nice. It has a nice marbled interior that exudes quality. It looks very old school and highlights that the oil is a premium product. The box was also slightly scented with the oil aroma so when opening the parcel you instantly got a lovely whiff of the oil.

The bottle is clear glass with a printed Capt Fawcett logo and has a pipette dropper so it’s very easy to dispense the correct amount of oil without any wastage of spills. The bottle is quite large so for ease of travel I have ordered a 10ml bottle of the same style from eBay for travel to pop in my wash bag.


I mostly pick up on a musky cedarwood aroma, think Moroccan Night Bizarre !! smelling from the bottle you would think it would be slightly overpowering, however once applied the smell dissipates quickly and only a very faint aroma is left. The scent is very much a personal thing so some may love it and others may hate it, I actually like it and find it a refreshing smell in the morning.


I only require a few drops as my beard is not at hipster levels of length, It was absorbed very quickly and didn’t leave my beard feeling oily as I have found with other brands. My hands were dry after applying so that reaffirms to me that the oil is being absorbed into my beard and skin and doing the job it is meant to.


Ok this the main one, if you read reviews of this and other brands you will be lead to believe that after applying a few drops of oil your course rough beard is going to be transformed into the feel of fluffy cotton wool and I think this is why people end up disappointed at the results of any beard oil. Beard hair is very different from head hair and never going to be super soft. If you bear this in mind I think you will be happy as I am. The oil does make my beard slightly softer and it helps moisturise my skin under my beard which really is the point.


Ok, it’s expensive, but this is regarded as a premium oil, there are other oils that are cheaper but also some that are more expensive. The 50ml bottle should last a very long time so the initial purchase price over a long period of time is actually not that bad.

Overall I am very happy and would recommend giving the Captain Fawcett brand a try if you are after a new bottle of beard oil.

Captain Fawcett Beard Oil



I highly recommend this for any gent with facial hair. It softens the hair and provides a soft gloss with a very pleasant botanical smell. You will notice the difference in how your facial hair feels and looks as soon as you start using it. Buy together with the folding comb and you can’t go wrong.



I replaced my poor quality Bearded Sailor oil with this one based on the recommendation of my barber. It’s a distinct smell, so I get why it may not get along with everyone. The texture is amazing! My previous oil was very thick and didn’t cross my beard easily, so I used a lot more and had to rub it in aggressively. This one spreads naturally while lightly rubbing in. No doubt helps with keeping the hair supple and tame.


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