First Foundation, Then Concealer

Remember the steps. Apply the foundation first and once it has evenly covered the face, apply the concealer. In this way, there won’t be necessary to apply a great amount of the concealer to cover the problematic spots and then have it removed once you apply the foundation.

Draw a Triangle under the Eyes

This is the right way to apply concealer under the eyes. You will be able to conceal the dark circles and create the illusion of a lifted face. Then blend it with a sponge or with your fingers, tapping lightly. Never do it in a smearing motion as it can spread the formula too thin and it can harm the delicate skin around the eye.

Cover a Pimple with a Green Colour Corrector Cream

Pimples are red that is why you need a green cream corrector to cancel out the colour and then cover the area by applying the concealer. Finish by blending it into the surrounding and top it off with a powder to set the whole look.

Mix a bit of Eye Cream, Highlighter and Concealer

Use this trick if you want to hide puffy eyes. Mix these ingredients on your hand and apply it under the eyes, continue to the outside by the temples and just above the brow bone to brighten the area. The result will be magnificent.

Make Your Lips Pop

If you are not using our fantastic Lip plumper (what are you waiting for, get it here!), use a bit of concealer to create the illusion of plumped lips. What you need to do is line the outside of the lips with a fine-tip brush dipped in concealer. The lips will look sharp like never before.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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