Don’t go to bed with your makeup on – ever! Not only will you ruin your pillow, sheets and bedding but also it can seriously damage your skin, especially if you have the sensitive type. Even if you are too tired after going out, you must remove your makeup so you can let your skin refresh and breathe through the night. Even if you love your flawless makeup too much, do it! If you make it interesting, you will notice how faster you do it. Here are some tips to make it as fun as it was applying it in the first place.

But, First, Why?

There are three crucial reasons why. First, if makeup stays on your face for an extended period it can lead to breakouts. Sleeping with makeup on means mixing the dirt and oil that has accumulated on the face during the day and this will clog the pores resulting in a breakout.

Secondly, if you have dry skin, sleeping with makeup on will make it even drier because the creases and line lines will absorb the makeup and give you a dull look. It can also make you look older than you are.

Thirdly, it will speed up the premature ageing process. Not using night-time anti-ageing products to keep your skin fresh and nourished will only make it age faster.

Now, how to make it fun?

Makeup Remover

Play your jam on your phone!

As the process of using makeup remover should be done slowly and extensively, you need to dedicate several minutes to make sure you get all of it off. And the best way not to notice how much time you spend on it is by playing your favourite song. You will find yourself singing and dancing along and having fun all the way.

Apply your favourite makeup remover product

Apply the tonic and let it sit for a while. Brush your teeth and floss in the meantime. This will soften the mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow and you can easily wipe it off. There will be no smudges in the creases left and you can apply your night-time products next.

Don’t use makeup wipes for the whole cleansing

Maybe you have heard this before and the truth is that it is a valid tip: don’t use makeup wipes to remove the makeup, instead use soap and water. The wipes are excellent but only if you use them to wipe off the first layer of makeup. Then, you need to wash your face to get the remaining makeup off. Use water and soap suitable for your skin type and massage the face thoroughly. If you use only wipes and then you put on your night regimen products you will end up pushing dirt into the pores and waking up with pimples or blackheads.

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