We’ve talked about eyeliners, we’ve talked about eye shadows and we’ve talked about the cat winged eye look, but none of them would give a completed, finished look without mascara to define the lashes. The thing about defining lashes is that they not only need a strong formula that will lengthen, curl and thicken them but also nourish them and keep them healthy.

Dreamweave has three types of mascara that give incredible results. Let’s take a look.Dreamweave Mascara

Lash Magnet Extension Mascara

No smudge. No clump. No flakes. No panda eyes. Staying power at its finest.

This original mascara is dubbed the “Eyelash extension in a tube” by the UK press. With its application, it coats each lash with a silicone tubular wrap, lengthens it, locks it and gives a dramatic flutter that lasts until the next day! With this lengthening mascara, you can say goodbye to short lashes forever.

Even though you can go to bed and wake up the next day still mascaraed, it is very easy to remove. You just need warm water and gently pull away the silicone tubes around each lash with the fingertips.

Dreamweave Lash Magnet Extension Mascara


Also known as "The eyelash extension in a tube", this mascara gives you dramatically longer and completely smudge free flutter which lasts... and lasts.


Lash Construct Mascara

Thick, Healthy and Nourished Lashes.

Use this mascara for thickening of your lashes, root and stem.  It takes 15 days for a complete reconstruction treatment. This mascara is an ideal choice for those who have already had lash extensions because it is made with a micro-silicone formulation that coats the lashes and extensions without leaving them clumpy. Also, there is a peptide ingredient that repairs and nourishes the lashes that are damaged or broken due to the eyelash extensions.

If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, make sure you get this mascara as it has a tubular locking system that wraps each lash.  It will not drop any irritating flakes into the eyes which is a hazard for contact lens wearers.  Also, it does not contain titanium dioxide which is often an ingredient that bothers those with sensitive eyes.

Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara


Made with "Wide Lash technology", this mascara does wonders for your lashes. Also, a Treatment mascara that in a period of only 15 days thickens and nourishes the root and the stem of the lashes.


Dreamweave & Co Magnegenics Mascara

Bold. Dramatic. Extended fibre lash look but without the use of fibres.

This formulation provides 3 in 1 effect: definition, lengthening and thickening of your lashes. It is named as the one step wonder mascara that uses a 3 in 1 silicone based fusion with a brand-new sweeping brush that takes the product from root to top, creating a fuller looking lash.

Dreamweave & Co Magnegenics Mascara


For a bold and dramatic with an extended fibre lash look but without the use of fibres!


Whichever type you choose you can be sure that your lashes will always be on point and will remain smudge-free for as long as you are wearing any Dreamweave mascara!.

And remember: “A little mascara, a lotta confidence”