Perhaps the most stressful step during your makeup ritual is the application of the eyeliner. For some inexplicable reasons, you can’t get that perfect line no matter how hard you try. What is even worse, if you somehow manage to do it on one of the eyes, there is no way you can do it the same on the other. Is that some kind of a Murphy Law, or what? Don’t fret, though, because you don’t have to fall out of love with your best eyeliner as we can help you fix the mistakes you do while applying it. Let’s see.

Dull eyeliner pencil? Sharpen it!

If you use an eyeliner pencil, sharpen it before every use. A sharp eyeliner will draw the line exactly where you need it to be and you will avoid thick lines and smudges from trying to remove it and apply it anew. On the other hand, not to be obliged to carry a sharpener with you all the time, you can replace the eyeliner pencil with liquid eyeliner pen that will give you the precision you seek. With its pointed tip, you can create any look you like, sleek or dramatic.

The eyeliner transfers onto the eyelid

This happens usually to the small, hooded eyelids with oily skin. The best solution is to make the line visible when you open the eyes by increasing the height of the eyeliner line. You would be amazed at what can a little height do: when your eyelid folds while you open the eyes, there will be no more transferring and smudging of the eyeliner onto the eyelid. Voila!

A thick line on one eye, on the other – not so much

What you should do, in this case, is to start by drawing thin lines on both of your eyes. If one of both ends up thicker, you can draw one more line on the other line. If you still can’t get it perfectly done, take a cotton swab, dip it in oil-based makeup remover and take some of the lines away.

Best EyelinerDon’t curl your eyelashes after you’ve applied the eyeliner

You will end up smudging the applied eyeliner. Instead, you should curl your eyelashes prior to applying the eyeliner. This way, you will avoid making a mess on your eyelids and the result will be a smudge-free look.

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