The eyeliner transfers to your face skin after several hours

This one is a bit tricky because it can happen to every one of us even if you apply quality makeup products on your face. The thing is that different makeup products with their ingredients are differently blended on various skin types. However, you can avoid this situation by lining your lower lash line with a waterproof eye pencil and then cover it with a black shadow to make sure it stays put all the time while you are wearing makeup. And you can add some transparent powder under the eyes to create a barrier. Or, you can go with the best liquid eyeliner pen which has water-resistant properties and be worry-free that your makeup will run down your face.

Your wings are uneven

This can be solved very simply, by opting for a winged eyeliner stamp. You can stamp, line and you are ready to go out. You won’t need to dip it into ink because this product is pre-loaded with ink. Also, the advanced formula will guarantee you no fading, running or cracking during the period you are wearing makeup – your winged eye look will be flawless.

Pull your eyelids out tightly, so the line is no longer sharp.

It is a common mistake. You pull your eyelid tightly, draw the line and release – the result is a curved line that doesn’t look good at all. To change this, try looking the opposite way of the direction you are going to apply the eyeliner. For example, start lining your inner corner of the eye but look to the outer corner.

Small eyes – a big NO to the whole eye definition

If you have small eyes avoid lining the entire eyes because it will make them look even smaller. Instead, you should try applying eyeliner to the outer “V” corner so that you can open up the eye area.

And last, don’t forget to put on some mascara to enhance the look.

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