Step 4: What’s Your Face Shape?

It is essential to determine your face shape so that you can apply the contour and highlight on the right spots on the face. Therefore, if you have a square-shaped face you should soften the face edges by contouring along the perimeter of your face. If you have a round face that means that all your measurements are equal. Because of this, you should contour the sides of the forehead along the temples and below the cheekbones as well as on your jawline so that you can create a more angular shape.

Those of you with oval faces should contour smaller details of the face so that the whole face gets a perfect symmetric look. For instance, if you want to achieve your nose to look smaller you should put apply contour lines down either side of your bridge. If you have a long face should apply contouring lines along the forehead and jawline in order to create the illusion of a shorter shape.

If you have a heart-shaped face then apply contouring lines the bottom half of the face to smooth the shape of your chin whereas those with a diamond-shaped face (a pointed chin and high cheekbones) need to contour the sides and the centre of the forehead so that it appears longer.

Face Contouring Makeup


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