Who isn’t in love with summer? All those long sunny days, travelling to places in an open car enjoying the sunset and the summer breeze and swims in the ocean… And the tan you get, oh the tan… I bet there is no such soul who doesn’t enjoy the delights of the summer. Especially the part where your skin has that healthy shimmering glow of sun rays on your body. More confidence, more radiance and more smiles along the way.

However, not everyone can soak up the sun the same way as we all have different skin complexions. Some of us can get that sexy, bronze tan with just a few hours in the sun, whereas some of us, including myself, no matter how long I am enjoying the open sun and sunbathe in a healthy way, I can’t get that radiant bronze tan. Fortunately, there is something that perfectly solves this problem: self-tanning products. Here is why.

Self Tanning Products

Protection against UV Rays

The self-tanning products are simply a better way to get your tan than to get exposed to and soak up all the harmful UV-rays. It can be even more damaging if you don’t wear an SPF and get sunburnt. It might seem like no big deal to you but getting sunburnt might lead to the development of skin cancer. In order to avoid this, finding a safer option in the form of a self-tanning lotion or mousse is the ideal way to get a darker tan.

Prevents Skin from Ageing

Prolonged sun exposure leads to premature ageing of the skin. Even if you use all the products that protect the sun from this, it is still unavoidable. Not to get misunderstood, getting out in the sun is more than beneficial, it is healthy as well. However, sunbathing for a prolonged period of time harms the skin. It dries out and loses its hydration and this is what leads to premature ageing. And on the other hand, you have the self-tanning products that have extra beneficial ingredients that moisturize the skin and make it look radiant.

A Tan in Seconds

A great advantage of the self tanning products is that you can get a darker tan in just a few minutes. So if you want to look sun-kissed for a party or any other event you have an invitation to go, then all you need to do is just apply the self-tanner and pick your dress. You are good to go.

Choose How Tanned You’ll Be

The best self tanning products Australia wide provide you with the option to choose how much tanned you want to be. You can choose from light tan, medium tan or dark and ultra dark tan and by following the directions of use you will get amazing results. Who could resist you and your confident smile and that perfect sun-kissed look?

Tanned All Year Long

Regardless of what season of the year is, you can rock you glamorous tan during the course of all year. Looking pale is surely no one’s preferred choice so pick your favourite self tanning product and be confident all year long!

The Product We Recommend

The Vani-T Velocity rapid Self- Tanning mousse that will give you a flawless, streak-free tan in just an hour is made with natural ingredients with infusions of Aloe Vera and Phytolin. It hydrates the skin, prevents ageing and makes your skin firm due to the Quandong, Australian Kakadu Plum extract and Vitamins A & E it contains.

Self Tanning Mousse