Women talk, seduce and fight with the eyes. Eyes have a special power when it comes to communicating. A sharp look can say much more than a whole sentence. Maximizing the effect the eyes can have can be done with the power of the mascaras. It can create a big, lush and thick moment that stops time. It can deepen the look and advance it to tell stories. Therefore, every girl needs mascara. Like, so bad. But in order to have it successfully applied, you need to know some secrets how to do it like a pro. Have a read, and feel free to start experimenting.

Flower Girl

Be Specific With the End Look

Don’t go for all-in mascaras. You can’t achieve having thick, defining, very long bushes with just one swipe of the brush, because a product can’t have all effective ingredients so the formulas might be sacrificing one thing for another. Thus, what you need is to look for a specialized type of mascara which will give your wanted result. The curling mascara has resins and waxes which lift and bend the lashes and this does not complement the lengthening formula of nylon fibres which act like extensions on short ones. Plus the look of the brush will tell you what your lashes will look like, if it is big and bushy, your lashes will be big and bushy; if it has spiky bristles, it will separate and elongate your lashes.

Black Is Always in Style but Colours are Fun

Black mascaras are perfect for everyone, even blondes. It has the most defining factor and it is its job to be visible. It also enhances the shape of the eyes, thus the eyes make a statement. Black is a classic and safe choice. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with other colours. For instance, purple looks wonderful on green, blue and hazel eyes, whereas blue and green mascaras create a perfect contrast to brown eyes.

Be Careful with Waterproof Mascaras

There is a simple reason why: they are very hard to remove from the eyes. So, if you don’t want to have panda eyes at the end of the day, avoid waterproof formulas for everyday use. Also, you might cause your lashes to break with the excessive rubbing so it will have a great counter effect. Maybe it is better if you save the waterproof mascara for a wedding when your make up should last for more hours and be on point all the time during the event.

Purple LashesCurls for Sexy Look

Use a lashes curler before applying the mascara so that you can create a look that is sexy and utterly attractive. Curly lashes make the eyes wider and enhance the look. It is one of the favourite looks of many makeup artists as they provide another dimension to how eyes communicate. Creating a dramatic look is just a swipe away.

Give Life to Lower lashes

Under no circumstances should you forget the lower lashes. It is a must if you want to create a smoky look. However, you should be careful not to apply too many layers or else the mascara will clump. For a perfect look, you should run the tip of the brush very slightly along the lower lashes. That much is more than enough.