Yes, fuller lips are sexier. But what can you do when lip injections, needles, and other things that hurt and make you bleed and swell painfully are out of the question? How do you get that seducing pout without the feeling of pain? Is it possible? Fortunately, there are perfectly natural and painless ways to plump your lips for short-term results. Have a read and start experimenting.

Rub Ice Cubes on Your Lips

Rubbing ice cubes on your lips will make the blood vessels compressed and hence the lips will look red and plump. What you need to do is massage the ice cube on your lips for 2 minutes, not all the time during that time interval, but on and off continuously for 2 minutes and you will get instant results. Keep in mind that your lips will get the natural red colour from the blood vessels compression and the effect won’t last all the way throughout the day/night. If you are having a selfie session, using this tip will help you have bigger lips for some time.

Irritate Your Lips with Peppermint Oil

OK, don’t freak out because of the word “irritate”. It is not that scary as it sounds. Irritation is, in fact, what happens when you apply anything on your lips that will give you plumping results. It doesn’t hurt, it just activates the blood flow to rush to your lips and produce a small extent of swelling that visually gives the pout you are looking for.
Now that we are in the clear, take some peppermint oil and apply it on your lips. Apart from having a soothing effect on the skin, the peppermint oil increases lip fullness and colour. It gently irritates the lips without swelling, so it gives a perfectly natural look of bigger lips.

Natural Full Lips

Exfoliate Your Lips with Sugar and Coconut Oil

One of the easiest and most commonly used ways to plump your lips at home. A simple DIY plumping recipe of mixing coconut oil and sugar using the mixture to exfoliate your lips will increase the blood flow to the lips giving them a touch of volume and a beautiful natural rosy colour.

Apply Cinnamon and Olive Oil

Another DIY recipe you can make at home is with cinnamon and olive oil. Apply this mixture on the lips and see how your lips start feeling tender, soft and full. This is possible because the cinnamon is a natural irritant of the skin.

Honey Illusion

If you want to create an illusion of bigger lips and at the same time to have something very sweet close to the tip of your tongue, then you should try dabbing a little bit of honey on your lips. It will make them super moisturised and the thick coat will create the illusion of having fuller lips.

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