“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes MAKEUP to look natural.” – Calvin Klein

Wise words. I believe all women would agree. We need to understand that makeup exists not to hide our facial imperfections but to enhance our natural beauty. When we grasp that idea, it will become perfectly clear that what we put on our faces must be of premium quality, healthy and natural. Because the cosmetics industry offers hundreds of the same products in different brands, but what we really need to pay attention to what is it we buy and how close to nature it is – for the sake of our skin and general health.

Healthy skin is the best foundation for your makeup. But in order to maintain your skin in a healthy condition, you need a healthy foundation – and that is what I am trying to point out in this post. Probably the best way to have hydrated, supple and naturally glowing skin prior to applying makeup is by using liquid mineral foundation. Here is why.

Liquid Mineral Foundation

It’s the healthiest solution.

The way mineral foundation is produced is by binding the ingredients with oil rather than with water. Because of this procedure, the foundation has natural water-resistance and performs way better on the skin rather than conventional cosmetics. The chemicals such as parabens, talc, sulphates, etc. in non-mineral cosmetics often harm sensitive skin, clog your pores and don’t let them breathe. The minerals in the formula of the foundation don’t harm the skin but protect it by acting as a barrier between the skin and the environment while enabling the skin to breathe.

It’s durable and stays on for hours.

It is a lightweight solution that stays on for hours. The pigments of the liquid mineral foundation are so powerful that you can cover the whole face with a very small amount of the product and provide the face with basic coverage. For a heavier coverage, another thin layer will suffice or instead of the second layer, you can apply a concealer on the areas that you find problematic. Doing this will ensure that the makeup will last a lot longer.

It’s got a long-lasting shelf life.

Conventional makeup products once opened should be thrown away after 3 or 6 months depending on the product, but in any case, they shouldn’t be used after the estimated time because the fillers and additive in the formulas make them go off faster. Mineral makeup products won’t spoil that fast because their formula is simple and inert. In addition, liquid mineral foundation won’t harbour any bacteria as bacteria grows on organic material.

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