How do you make your face glow in real life the same way it does when you use those mesmerising Instagram filters? By applying an illuminator of course!

This product is single-handedly a miracle worker, and can make your skin stand out and steal all the attention. Here is everything you need to know about it!

What is an Illuminator?

The illuminator is a product whose formula is extremely hydrating and contains luxurious skin nutrients that melt into the skin creating a beautiful, soft-focus, lit from within glow.

You can find it in different conditions and types including liquid, powder, cream and with a golden/bronze/pearly/pink tint. And, the best one on the market is the illuminator with diamond powder, a formula that manipulates light and bounces it across the skin to achieve a radiant, dewy glow.

Youngblood Illuminator with Diamond Powder


Shine bright like a diamond with this amazing formula enriched with skin nutrients that create a stunningly beautiful glow from within.


Tips On Using Different Types of Illuminators

Liquid illuminator

Liquid illuminators will give you a soft, neutral-looking glow and you should use them to achieve a casual look because the focus is softer and the effect is milder. You can mix it with foundation to get a summery glow on your face and you should especially consider using it if you have dry skin.

Liquid Illuminator

Powder Illuminator

If you want the effect to be a long-lasting finish and give off dramatic and bolder vibes, go with the powder type. It is perfect for an evening out in the city or to create a flawless wedding look. You can even experiment by combining the liquid illuminator with the powder one to achieve a very bright shine.

Illuminator with a Golden/Bronze Tint

These undertones are excellent for the olive or darker skin tones. The silver can also work out well but it may bring out grey tones in the skin.

Illuminator with a Pearly/Pink Tint

These shades are perfect for all the fair-skinned ladies out there as they bring out the natural radiance of the skin. If you are looking for a warmer glow, go for the darker pink shades.

Find out how to apply it in the next page.

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