How to Use your Illuminator?


As your make-up ritual consists of layering several products one after the other, when do you apply the illuminator? Here is when and how:

This will accentuate the glow and create a bold look. If you prefer a more subtle glow it is better to replace step 2 with step 1. So, first illuminator, second foundation, third blush.


When it comes to illuminating your cheeks, find the upper cheekbone and take a small amount of the illuminator with your fingers and dab along the cheekbone. If you have chosen to use a powder illuminator then you are going to need a fluffy brush. The way of application is the same – along the cheekbone.


This one is a very important part of the makeup ritual. You should apply some illuminator on both sides of the bridge of your nose. This creates the fascinating effect of slimming the nose that has a huge effect on the whole face look.

Small Dabs on the Rest of the Face Parts

Chin, upper lip and forehead. Now repeat: “chin, upper lip and forehead”. These are also the crucial face parts where you should apply a small amount of the illuminator to brighten up the face even more.

Finally, Blend!

Once you’ve applied the illuminator following these steps, use your blending brush or sponge to blend everything. However, make sure that the illuminator remains noticeable but doesn’t stand out with clearly narrow edges.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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