There are so many different shades of nail polishes that we often end up not knowing which one to choose. All women love to experiment, so they often choose the colour of their nail polish depending on their mood. This can work out pretty well, but it sometimes might be a complete eyesore and attention grabber (not in a good way, though). The reason for this is that not every shade goes with every skin tone. In fact, the wrong combination of the two can look messy and appalling. In order to avoid this confusion, read about which shade best goes with which skin tone.

Light Skin Tones

If you have a light skin tone then your best picks are the following undertones of nude, red, purple and blue nail polish colours. The nude shade is the all-time favourite because it looks divine, casual and neat. If you are really, really fair then you should choose the sheer pinkish nude shade and not the beige one because beige creates an illusion of yellow.

The red colour is classic – it shows strong femininity, power and self-confidence. This colour flatters everyone so if you light-skin tone girls then you can rock the red shade proudly. In addition, pale complexions ask for a clean and cool red that is not sheer.

Pink and all the tones and undertones of pink are super appropriate for the fair ladies to try. So, from sheer pink to strong fuchsia – you can pick any shade you find loveable.

Purple is another colour that complements the light skinned girls. The pastel lavender, for example, is an excellent choice or lilac, amethyst and even orchid purple are powerful purples that bring life to the nails.

If you prefer the blue colour, then go for the navy blue shade. It will be a fun choice against your warm undertone and the universality of it will go with any garment you will choose for the day.

white Nail Polish

Medium-Dark Skin Tones

If you have medium skin tone you probably vary between a bronzy glow and olive toned complexion. Choose nude but with a beige undertone and enjoy the sight of your perfectly done nails.

If you love red, go with the more orange undertones of red. Your complexion is similar to the one of Kim Kardashian, so pay attention to what shade of red she usually picks – orange and gold undertones that will bring the complexion’s natural glow.

Another choice, maybe not so common on the list, but equally powerful as the nude shade is the white nail polish. You can choose it in different undertones, from sheer white to ivory white, or eggshell to frost white. It all depends on what is your skin undertone, warm or cold.

The pastel blues are a perfect option if you can’t say no to blue. You can go for the intense sky blue shade that you should wear with confidence. However, keep in mind that if you have a warm undertone, maybe too blue won’t be the right choice.

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