When you see a celebrity rocking a cherry lipstick you imagine how good it would look on you too, but when you try it on, it just doesn’t work. Then, disappointment follows. Well, there is a reason why it doesn’t work. You see, the colour of the lip gloss clashes with the skin complexion and since we all have different skin tones, the same lip gloss would look different on each of us. So what can you do to make sure you have the right lip gloss that looks good on your lips and suits your complexion? Read on to find out and get ready to rock the latest trend.

What Is Your Undertone?

First of all, you must find what your undertone is. It can be yellow, the warmer one and pink, the cooler one. If you know which is yours you will easily figure out what colour of lip gloss you can pull off. So, look at the veins on your wrist – provided that they are blue or gravitate towards blue, white or grey that means that your undertone is pink. On the other hand, if your veins appear green then your skin undertone is yellow. There is also a possibility your veins to be both blue and green which means that you have a neutral skin tone and in that case, you can pick any colour.

Shades That Go with Each Undertone

It is better if you stick to shades that are similar to your skin undertone. Hence, for yellow undertones go for warmer shades and for pink undertones go for blue or purple shades. You should try to avoid the grey, ashy or overly pale shades of lip glosses as they make the skin look sickly and unhealthy.

Clear Lip GlossAlways Consider Your Skin Tone

There are basically three skin tone types: olive, fair, and darker skin tones.

For olive skin tones which are usually neutral pick a nude, pink, orange and red shade. Or you can go with a clear lip gloss which will certainly good look on you. See that the shade complements the colour of the outfit you are going to wear as well.

For fair skin tone pick a bold red shade. Also, the other deep colours will look great. You should avoid too light lip glosses and those with a yellow undertone because you might look washed out.

For the darker skin tones, you could never go wrong if you pick deep plums, berries and reds. All darker shades will enhance the beauty of your lips. Keeping in mind that, avoid too light or pale shades that will contrast your skin tone and make you look unflattering.

Glossy, Shimmering Effect for All Types

If you want to add a little bit of sass to your smile, then go for a glossy, shimmering lip gloss that will enhance your lips and draw more attention to it while making them plumper and fuller.

A Final Tip

Once you have chosen the colour, make sure that your lip gloss also contains conditioning ingredients that will moisturise your lips and won’t create a sticky, messy feeling.