You are getting ready for your big night out and want to try some new eye makeup looks, but you are not so sure what will work. Well, don’t fret as you are about to embark on a tip trip by makeup professionals that will turn you into a makeup pro just in a few minutes. Here is how you can get the extra powerful cat eye look with the help of your mascara and eyeliner.

For a Wide-Eyed Look

If you want that wide-eyed look that the teenage girls rock with confidence, use a pale pink eyeliner and draw a line along the waterline part of the eye. This will get your eyes to look bigger and will be much more effective than doing this with white or beige eyeliner. Also, dot and blend along the brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes so that it can have an even more enhanced effect.

Best Mascara for Volume

Connect the Dots

If you haven’t tried the cat eye before, in order to be as precise as possible, try achieving the look by connecting the dots. You should start midway along the lid and draw dots as close as you can to the lash line. Then join them together. Then, mark the place you want your wing to be placed and check the symmetry on both eyes. It is better to use a liquid pen eyeliner as it is much easier with that kind of a tip.

Apply Mascara in Two Layers

If you want to achieve the cat eye look, always go for the volume effect. Choose the best mascara for volume and start applying from the roots of the lashes, not in a zig-zag movement, but a straight-up movement. Do one layer, and after a minute apply another. If you want to your lashes to be long as well then you should get another type of mascara, this time for lengthening and apply one layer of the lengthening mascara and then another layer of the mascara for volume.

How to Get Rid of Mascara that Remains on the Eyelids

It is very irritating when you have already done your eyeshadow and now you have to wipe it off due to getting mascara on your eyelids! Well, you won’t have to if you use this simple trick: look down in a compact mirror and avoid applying mascara on the tips of the lashes. Just start at the roots and make your way to the top.

Lengthening MascaraFake Lashes or Not?

Fake lashes are very popular. Some look very natural, others are just too “much”; nevertheless, they give off that ‘oomph’ look. If you are a fan of how they look then try to use sections of fake lashes instead of a whole set because they would better enhance the natural look. However, you need to be very precise especially with the glueing part especially if you do this on your own. You should put the glue across the band, look down and push the lash-up on to the lash line.

If you are not certain how to do it or if you can successfully do only one eye (which is almost always the case) then avoid using fake lashes altogether. Just stick with the best mascara for volume and you are all set.

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So, are you ready to start your makeup ritual? Get on with it!