Jojoba oil. A miraculous liquid that comes from the seed of the Simmondsia Chinensis plant which is a native shrub that can be found in southern California and northwestern Mexico. In Australia, there are jojoba plantations that produce seeds rich in oil highly praised by the cosmetics industry for their  benefits.


Its discovery dates back to the 1970s in the USA and it was dubbed ”the sperm whale oil substitute”. It was later cultivated and its efficiency became known all around the world. Native Americans used it as a medicine for a number of ailments and treating sores and bruises.

Jojoba OilToday, jojoba oil is used on its own for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, sunburn and chapped skin. It also can be used to support hair growth. The amazing thing about this oil is that it soothes the skin and unclogs the hair follicles. It is also a very effective skin moisturiser and healer as well as a carrier oil for essential oil uses.

What Does It Contain?

Jojoba is full of Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. In addition, it has a very high percentage of iodine (amazing 82%) and this makes it a powerful healer of wounds. Let’s not forget the three fatty acids: erucic, gadoleic and oleic which are very important for the healthy nourishment of the skin.

What Can It Do?

Skin Moisturizer

The glands in our skin produce sebum which is oily and waxy, and is very similar to the texture of jojoba oil. Hence, jojoba oil can be used to play the role of sebum and in this way, it moisturises the skin and hair when our body doesn’t produce enough sebum of its own.

Also, during puberty, a lot of youngsters have oily skin and acne because of the production of too much sebum so jojoba oil can help remove the sticky build-up or the excess oil by keeping the oil levels balanced. Because of this property, it can also be used for treating eczema and other extreme dry-skin conditions.

Makeup Removal Ingredient

When it comes to face makeup it is always better to retreat to natural ingredients instead of chemicals as the natural ingredients not only achieve the wanted result but also support the healthy development of the skin. Hence, using jojoba oil for taking off makeup is an excellent choice. It removes dirt, makeup and bacteria and as it is hypoallergenic it is also safe for cleaning eye makeup.

Razor Burns Preventer

Jojoba oil’s waxy texture is an excellent ingredient to the formula of any beard oil. When the beard oil is enriched with jojoba oil, the threat of shaving incidents is less likely to happen. This means no more cuts and razor burns and no more clogging the pores with chemicals. You can use it before and after shaving as it creates a smooth surface for shaving and then it moisturises the skin. Jojoba oil for beard growth, protection and a flawless look – all the way!

Overall Skin Health Supporter

Jojoba oil is certainly among the best cleansers out there due to its noncomedogenic nature. It is a great protector of the skin and supports its healthy growth. There are lots of antioxidants that soothe the fine lines of the skin, wrinkles and because of this, it is a powerful fighter against premature ageing of the skin.

Some cosmetic products on our website that contain Jojoba Oil:

Youngblood Cosmetics Mineral Primer

Lightweight and silky, the natural silica in this colourless primer ensures that it works effectively on all skin types, even dry and acne-prone. This signature mineral blend is packed full of Vitamins A and E, which help shield the skin from environmental damage. Jojoba Seed Oil conditions and hydrates the skin. It is paraben-free and Talc-free.

Youngblood Cosmetics Mineral Primer


Lightweight and silky primer, a favourite of makeup artists all over the world. For a smooth and shine-free complexion.


Captain Fawcett Beard Oil

Captain Fawcett’s Private Stock Beard Oil is a delectable blend of fragrant essential oils fused with Sweet Almond, Jojoba & Vitamin E base oils. Used daily this elegantly scented balance of Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Patchouli & Palmarosa essential oils will soothe, moisturise and invigorate both skin & facial hair.

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