A lady always has neat and well-manicured nails. No exceptions and no excuses. They are a subtle symbol of elegance and lady-like look, so you must find time to make them look spotless. Going to the beauty salons regularly might cost you a little fortune, so the best way to save money and still have perfectly done nails is by taking time at least once a week and do a manicure at home. For that purpose, you are going to need a nail kit that will include your best nail polish colours that represent your mood. Here is what else should your nail kit include and how to use these products.

The Essentials in Your Nail Kit

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton swabs/pads
  • Nail clippers
  • Energy boards
  • Moisturizer for cuticles and dry rough areas of skin
  • Moisturiser formula for hands
  • Cuticle pusher and nippers
  • Callous / cuticle remover
  • Base coat
  • Your best nail polish
  • High gloss finish

Natural Nail Polish

The first thing to do: Remove any nail polish from the previous manicure

Pick your favourite nail polish remover and apply some on the cotton swab or pad and remove any leftover nail polish. You can use an acetone-based nail polish which works faster but it more detrimental to the skin than the non-acetone based (oil-based) nail polish remover. On the other hand, the non-acetone removers are gentler to the skin but they do stay in contact with the skin for a longer time which is also not a very optimal solution for the skin. It is up to you to choose which type you will go for just make sure you will try to apply it only on nails and keep away from the skin as much as possible.

The second thing to do: Get your nails in shape

Use the nail clippers to clip the nails to get them into the preferred length. Then, use a file to shape them. The latest nail shape trends say that slightly rounded or almond rounded edges are the best way to go. Use a quality gentle file and avoid those coarse or metal ones in order to avoid splintering. You should also smooth the tops and the sides as well and then buff them but not too much because the nail polish won’t be able to adhere as well. To decrease the stress of the nails from the filing you should soak them in lukewarm water for 2 minutes before you file them.

The third thing to do: Treat the cuticles and dry patches of skin

You can do that by soaking your hands in a bowl of warm water. Add some of your favourite showering gel or shampoo in the water and enjoy a relaxing few minutes. The cuticles and the skin will get softer and you will be able to trim them effortlessly.

Then, apply some of the intensive moisturiser for cuticles and dry rough areas of skin and trim away the unwanted cuticles around the nails. Be careful not to push them too far though, because it can be rather hurting and it can also damage the nail growth.

Another thing: don’t pull, tear, lift, rip, cut into, force or clip into the cuticle – you just need to merely nip off the extra edge with the nail clippers because, after all, the cuticles protect the nail bed for infections, diseases or any other problems.

The last three things… on the next page.

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