We have already discussed how you can have perfect nails by taking care of them at home. Now, we will discuss about the hottest colour trends a lady should wear this year. Even though, most of the time, the colour is a reflection of our feelings and moods, certain trends appear and become so popular that you just have to try them. Hence, we are here to help you choose among these flattering colours that are certain to steal some looks on the way.

Effect of Gel Nail PolishNeon Pink

Paint your nails pink and see the world in pink! An instant mood booster – the pink nail polish will elevate your energy and make you smile throughout the whole day. Regardless of the type of clothes you are wearing, a touch of pink will only add to the whole look.

Navy Blue

If you enjoy the sight of the ocean you would certainly appreciate the look of gloss navy painted nails. This is really sweeping women off their feet and making a believer out of anyone who still swears by the sheer pink nail polish.

Dove Gray / Chalk White

When you want to feel almost invisible but still very present, go for the dove grey / chalk white colour that is a reflection of the soft white undertone of grey colour. It is not even close to the assertive neon pink or strong black and it isn’t its purpose to be. Instead, it brings a cool, calming vibe that gives a clean and opaque finish.

Poppy Red

When you think of perfect nails, you must think of red nails. Red is the colour of powerful beauty always ready to make a statement in the fashion world. In fact, red doesn’t speak, it screams. You can opt for different undertones of red, pink, orange, royal touches, or you can choose the classic poppy red. It brings sophistication, elegance and attractiveness to the nails. It has the effect of a gel nail polish that lasts for days.

Jessica NailsCrisp White

White is a good choice when you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and invigorated by life. White is bold and neat. White is perfect if you want to be provocative. The white nail polish must be a part of every gel nail kit as you can always pull off a smooth French manicure and be ready to go out with your friends.

Metallic Power

If you are feeling brave enough you can rock some metallic colour on your nails for your next outing. Intense and influential, the metallic effect transforms the glitter effect into a more popular finish. You can find whatever polish colour you like in metallic and enter the fashion world with a fine grain glitter on your fingers.

Neutral Blush

Neutral has always been and continues to be one of the top favourites when it comes to nail polish colours. It gives off the 90’s vibe but the spectrum of different brown-to-beige undertones make it ever popular. Very often the way this colour looks while it is still in the bottle is completely different than the look it has when it is on the nails. And what is even more interesting is that it looks different on each woman. The reason for this is the complexion of the skin of every woman and how the nail polish reflects off the colour of the skin. This makes it even more interesting and exciting nail polish colour.

Whichever colour you choose, let it be you, your mood and your feelings in it. Tell the world what you are feeling and express it loudly.