Shiny lips are back. Lip glosses are making a powerful comeback but this time with new, improved formulas ready to transform the lips into various shades of pink with a juicy pout. Long gone are the days when the messy and too sticky lip glosses posed problems when applying and wearing them throughout the day. Today, the lip gloss returns with much more power able to make the lips more seductive than ever.

Most celebrities nowadays can be seen rocking lip glosses on their red carpet walks or in music videos, casually promoting the effect of lip glosses. In fact, the obsession about things that shine increases every day so a healthy glistening hair, radiant and hydrated skin that complement the shiny glossy lips is something every girl wishes.

Celebrity Lip Gloss

What is more interesting is the fact that last year the lip products were sold much more than other cosmetics for the eyes, face or nails. Lipsticks dominated the market and continue to do so these days and at the same time, they pave the way for new inventions that will cater to people’s needs.

The reason why the lip glosses made such a comeback is that, as we know, fashion is a circle and things from the past after a certain period of time reemerge and take full control over in the industry. Lip glosses are one shiny example of this cycle – because of nostalgia and the 90s fashion the crop tops and the chunky sneakers were brought back and along came the lip glosses which were such a trend back then.

It must also be mentioned that celebrities like the Kardashian sisters and the Jenner sisters have had a role to play in all this trending. As we know, they promote the sexy pout of the 90s and lip glosses create that coveted plump look that does wonders in terms of lips enlargement illusion. Not to mention Rihanna, who also has taken the world by storm with her cosmetic line and promotion of lip glosses – showing an evolved trend ready to become the most popular choice by young girls and women.

Dreamweave’s lip gloss cosmetic line “Colorgenics” once again proved its mastery when presented their lip glosses that not only enhance the lips but give them a glossy voluminous pout. From the different shades you can choose from, you get seven pre-selected mixing chambers that coat the lips with only one stroke and the best part is that you can create your own shade according to your mood.

Colorgenics Lip Gloss

Or you can choose the Dreamweave and Co – “Colorgenics” Melting Mix Lip Paint with a dual tube that contains a non-drying, high-pigmented gel formulation making the lips moisturised and having a long-lasting colour with a satin finish.

What are the benefits of lip gloss, you might wonder? Well, apart from being glossy, long-lasting and with a new, improved and non-sticky formula, it complements every look – from casual to evening or cocktail. In addition, it makes the lip visually enlarged and it highlights your features.  What more can you ask for?