If you want shiny, glossy and silky lips, you need to treat yourself with a legendary tube of lip gloss. This very famous lip makeup product made a comeback from the 90s but with a much better non-sticky formula that made every woman fall in love with it. The satin-like effect the lip glosses have on your lips makes them more seductive than ever. And, the best part is that some of the lip glosses on the market can naturally plump the lips too.

Dreamweave and the Revolutionary Lip Glosses

Neveya Cosmetics presents you the two types of lip glosses that are so smooth, so shiny, and give the lips a voluminous pout: the Dreamweave & Co – ‘Colorgenics’ Melting Mix Lip Paints and the original Dreamweave Colorgenics Lip Gloss. Here is why you simply must have them.

Dreamweave Colorgenics Lip Gloss

Dreamweave Lip GLoss

What to do when you can’t make up your mind about the colour of your lip gloss? You sometimes want perfectly red lips, and then, all you can think about is the rosy pink kisses. Dreamweave Colorgenics Lip Gloss offers you a great solution: seven pre-selected mixing chambers that give you the effect you want in just one stroke. You can choose which colour you want from the seven options you have in just one tube. The result is a mesmerising voluminous pout and a high gloss shiny finish.

The formula prompts no tackiness, bleeding or feathering. It contains vitamin E which smoothes and protects the lips from cracking and drying. You will get hydrated, creamy lips but with a touch of gloss. In addition, there is no paraben and sulphate wax in the formula, which is very important for those with sensitive skin.

It is very easy to use. You just need to turn the dial to choose the shade you like and then pump the bottom of the tube to dispense the gloss. You can apply directly on the lips as the angled applicator placed on the top of the tube will enable you to be as precise as possible.

It can be worn alone or on top of the Lip Voltage or the Powerhouse, Iceagenics to further enhance the size of your lips. There are two options you can choose from Pink to Bronze and Pink to Red. Choose your cheap lip gloss and express your mood with the colour that brings your personality alive.

Dreamweave & Co  – Colorgenics Melting Mix Lip Paints

Dreamweave Colorgenics Lip Paints colours

Once again, seven hot melting colour fusions in just one tube. You can literally feel how these vibrant colours melt on your lips. The award-winning, non-drying high-pigmented gel formulation locks the colour and moisture for a long-lasting, smooth satin finish. It doesn’t fade or bleed and feels completely weightless on the lips.

This cheap lip gloss comes with a contouring brush you can use for a precise application of the colour. Also, the application is the same as with the previous option. You need to turn the dial, choose the shade you want and pump the bottom of the tube to dispense the array of colour shades.

There are three options you can choose from Coded Prism – Pink to Purple, Double Rainbow – Pink to Red and Melted Fusion – Orange to Brown. Choose your preferred colours and get ready to shine your beauty bright.