Probably one of the best inventions in the beauty and fashion world is the lip plumper. No more injections, no more pain, and instantly visible results: fuller lips and fuller pout. That’s every girl’s dream, of course. Lip plumpers are so popular nowadays that even the biggest celebrities endorse them. Their effect of fully enhanced and sexy lips made them a top choice when it comes to face cosmetics. If you are wondering what is it in the formula that makes the lip plumpers look fuller, read on to find out.

Lip Plumpers Cosmetics


The Way Lip Plumpers Work

Usually, lip plumpers are tinted or clear and can be found as a balm, stick or gel. Some give temporarily effect and some can give permanent results if applied as a treatment. The best thing is that you can try out a new look without having to commit to it afterwards if you are not happy with it. However, very few are those who have tried it and didn’t like the effect, because, who doesn’t want a natural looking, sexy pout when they are on a date or in a bar ready to meet their future boyfriend?

The secret of the fuller pout is in the special formulas these lip plumpers have. It goes without saying; different brands have different formulas and their own little secret about which ingredient causes the effect. Nevertheless, the way it works is by causing irritation to the skin of the lips, causes a sensation of tingling and as a result, the lips become fuller. This is not painful compared to the injections and is a perfectly normal feeling.

Ingredients of the Lip Plumpers

As I already mentioned, different brands have different formulas, however, there are ingredients that are common in every formula of the lip plumpers. Thus, many natural ingredients are present including ginger mind, wintergreen, capsicum and cinnamon. They all can cause the effect of irritation because when you apply those ingredients on the skin they make the blood vessels work faster, the blood travels faster and this results in a safe amount of swelling and redness which creates the effect of plumper lips. Other ingredients are the collagen and hyaluronic and they shape, boost and hydrate the lips so that you get that perfect pucker.

How to use the lip plumpers? Read on the next page.

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