How do you pick the right mascara from the hundreds of brands available on the market? Should it be a 3 in 1 formula or one type of formula for an enhanced result? Should it be waterproof or regular? Should its brush be thick or curved? There are just so many choices!

The truth is you have to try several to find the one that gives the best results for your lashes. You would be fortunate to find it at your first try. But if you are feeling lucky, let me show you the tubing mascara. It will surely rock your world!

Wait, tubing mascara? Aren’t they all in a tube?

Well, yes they are, but that is not why it is called tubing. The name refers to a revolutionary feature of the formula that contains flexible polymers that wrap around each of the lashes, making every lash to have 360-degree coverage. Hence, this formula creates tubes out of your lashes.

girl applying mascara

How is it different from regular mascara?

Regular mascara has pigments that coat the lashes whereas tubing mascara consists of silicone-like polymers that wrap the lashes.

How to apply tubing mascara?

You apply it the virtually the same as you do with regular mascara. There are no fancy techniques, nor does it require some particular hand movements. All you do is start from the base of the lashes, and you zig-zag the wand back and forth up to the tips. The formula is fantastic – it actually does the hard tubing job by itself. You keep building it whilst wet until you are happy with the coverage.  You do not let it dry and then add another coat like regular mascaras as you cant build over a tube once it has dried.

What’s so great about the results?

No clumping, no flaking, no panda eyes, no smudging, extra oomph and excellent length of the lashes. What is more, the lashes are super volumised, thick and dramatic. They can last through any kind of pressure from the elements for a long time.

The benefits

For starters, it is durable. It will last through a tough tearful situation, sweaty gym session, or even if you have oily lids, it will create a locking effect that will remain for some time. Plus it won’t smudge like regular mascara.

How to remove it?

Easy – with warm water. No eye makeup remover is needed nor stacks of cotton pads. You only need warm water and your fingertips. As the tubing mascara creates tubes around the lashes, you would have to use your fingers to pull off the tubes from the lashes which by the warm water will be sliding right off. Hence, rinse your face with warm water, apply some on the eyes, and close the eyes while you are gently pulling the mascara off the lashes. It is easy, simple and no pigments left on your lashes.

Are Dreamweave Mascara’s tubing?

Lash-construct mascara

Yes. Let’s take a look at the Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara.

Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara


Made with "Wide Lash technology", this mascara does wonders for your lashes. Also, a Treatment mascara that in a period of only 15 days thickens and nourishes the root and the stem of the lashes.


It has a micro-silicone formula enriched with peptides that nourish and repair the lashes while extending, strengthening and promoting new growth of the lashes. These ingredients wrap each lash with a tubular locking system and guarantee no smudges, no clumps, no flakes, and no panda eyes.

 In a nutshell

Tubing mascara is the real deal. Easy to apply, awesome results and quick to remove – it has it all and it gives it all to your lashes: drama, volume and blackness.