In order to have a healthy, silky and flawlessly shaped and conditioned beard you must have time, patience and the right products. If you let the beard grow naturally and not put anything on it, it will be wild, unkempt, bristly and completely unattractive. The beard, after all, is a lifestyle that adds to fashion blended in the urban way of living of today.

As there are lots of different cosmetic products intended to keep your beard in the best shape possible we will help you choose which ones you must have in your cupboard. Yes, there are products for every phase of growing the beard and there are products that offer several benefits in one, but you must distinguish the must-haves vs. the nice-to-have products. You will certainly save lots of money and time dedicated to grooming your beard if you use our tips. So, here we go.

Beard Balm

A product that has maybe one of the biggest positive benefits for your beard is beard balm. It gives all the nourishment the beard deserves and helps it grow healthy. Also,  beard balm is very important for the early stages of growing your beard as it reduces the discomfort that is related to itching from the scruffy facial hairs. The beard balm softens the facial hairs and calms down the irritation on the skin, so the itchy feeling disappears. The balm coats every hair and has long-lasting effects.

Another advantage of beard balm is that it hydrates the beard and keeps it moisturised. This is very important because, in order for the beard to have a striking look, it must be well hydrated. Because every hair is coated, it gives whole protection against the elements, thus the wind and the dangerous sun rays won’t be able to damage your beard.

One of the best beard balms is by the award-winning brand Captain Fawcett which is a fusion of 5 creams and exotic waxes and essential oils inducing Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Patchouli and Palmarosa. It is a handmade patent pomade which will make your beard healthy, easy to style and tame.

Best Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Ok, so you already have the beard balm which will make your beard everything you want it to be, so why would you need beard oil? The answer is simple – it will support and help different types of beards easily grow. It is basically a mixture of essential oils that help calm down the coarseness of the beard. The beard oil will condition your beard and soothes the skin underneath while providing a non-messy and non-greasy look.

Another important benefit of the best beard oil is that it prevents breakage and split ends of the hairs. It gives the beard a smooth and healthy look. The essential oils that give the best results are natural fragrant and fused with Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Vitamin E base oils. You can opt for a tube of scented beard oil which will add to the aromatic experience and invigorate all the senses.

The best way to apply beard oil is with a beard comb because it gets evenly distributed throughout all the hairs. It helps in the fight with the beardruff which is dandruff in the beard.  This is very unappealing to look at. Beard oil takes care of it and you don’t have to wake up with white flakes in your beard in the morning.

And… the Beard Shampoo… right on the next page.

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