How do you feel about feeling the sun on your body all year long? Now that summer is over, we remind ourselves of the long sunny days that were a mood booster whenever we went for a walk, on a holiday or just running errands in the city. The bronze tan kept us fresh, self-confident and brought health in the form of Vitamin D to our bodies. Well, all that’s a happy memory now as we have to wait until December to once again enjoy the benefits of the sun. Or, do we really? Fortunately, we don’t have to wait until the end of the year when it comes to having the perfect bronze tan. In fact, we can be sun-kissed even in winter with the help of the self-tanning products.

We have previously discussed the benefits of using self-tanning products on our blog, and today we will continue our discussion on a new relatable topic: how to self-tan properly so that you can enjoy the results as long as possible. Sure, you can easily apply different types of products, but there are several secrets about how you can make the effect last longer. So, get comfortable and read all about them.

Plan Your Self-Tanning Ritual Ahead

This is the first and most important step to self-tanning if you want to have long lasting results. You need to finish all the other beauty procedures first and save the self-tanning for last. This means that you need to do the waxing, shaving of legs, face cleansing (acne treatments or other face exfoliating treatments), getting a manicure, dying your hair – all of them- prior to self-tanning because if you do all of these afterwards, the tan will be removed or simply fade away faster.

Also, do the self-tanning ritual two or three days before the special event, is there is such, especially if you are a beginner. Doing so you will give you enough time to clean up the mess in case something goes wrong.

Vani-T Spray TanExfoliate from Head to Toe

Next step is to exfoliate your body with an oil-free exfoliator. With exfoliation, you will prevent the tan to look splotchy and uneven. Also, oil-free is a must as oil creates a barrier between the skin and the spray tan so it will cause streaks if it is previously applied.  Once you finish with exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, moisturise your driest areas of the body: the back of your heels, your elbows and your knees with an oil-free lotion. As they are the driest area of the body they might absorb the most of the self-tanning product you are using and become much darker than the rest of your body – a look which is not really easy to the eye.

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