Perfectly manicured and polished nails are the epitome of a lady who takes time to take care of herself. Deeply impactful, the nails and how they are done can say a lot about a woman. That is why a lot of women go to the manicure salon at least once a month to get their nails done by professional nail technicians and spend some valuable time there. However, for a lot of women, spending that much time in the salon is simply a luxury and they have to think of other ways to get their nails done, preferably in the comfort of their home. And, of course, contrary to the popular beliefs that everyone should have nail extensions nowadays, you can have your perfectly healthy manicure at home with the perfectly healthy Nail Polishes by Jessica Nails.

We proudly present to you the PHENOM Line

Jessica Nail Bottles

Here is what you need to know about these exquisite nail polishes.

Background of the Inventor

Jessica Vartoughian, the First lady of Nails is the incredible inventor behind the brand Jessica Nails. She is considered a pioneering authority on taking care of beautiful and natural nails, which reflects in the extensive line of nail care products she produces. She believed that sophisticated and luxurious nails should be healthy as well, so her cutting-edge technique of producing nail colors prompt her millions of fans. Among her customers are the high-profile celebrities like Barbara Streisand and Diana Ross as well as Nancy Reagan who was personally taken care of by Jessica in the White House.

What Is So Good about These Nail Polishes?

Jessica Nail Polishes are 7-free. That is a fact that proves the undeniable quality of the nail polishes. There is no Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Xylene or Ethyl Tosylamide in the formula and the production process is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Not including these 7 harmful ingredients in the formula are not only important for the nail health but for the overall general health as well. Even if your nails are damaged you can use the PHENOM Jessica’s treatment base coats to nourish them back to health while making sure that your PHENOM manicure lasts and lasts.

Jessica Nails Phenom

The PHENOM Line of Nail Polishes

The Phenom Line is a phenomenal evolution in nail polish technology. It is described as fast, one that lasts and shines. It is formulated for salon professionals but can easily be used at home as well. Its 3-step Phenom Polish System delivers fast-drying nail colors in natural light, is chip resistant, and gives a gel-like shine that lasts up to 10 days and it can be easily removed like any other polish. You don’t need the harmful UV/LED lamps to dry your nails and the effect is still as intense.

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