When it comes to getting the perfect gift for your friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, or any close family member, you should know that a thoughtful gift is something that will be greatly appreciated. Thus, getting them something practical is what you should be opting for. And what is more practical than a set of cosmetic products they would simply love. Here are our suggestions.

For Her

Jessica at Home Maintenance Kit

Jessica Nails Manicure At Home Kit

This is the perfect kit for perfect nails. It leaves the hands refreshed and flawless. It can be used at home for touch-ups or while travelling. It consists of a high gloss finish that speeds up the drying time – Brilliance (7.4 ml); Phenomen Oil (7.4 ml)which is an intensive moisturizing formula for hands and body; Hand and Body Emulsion (35.5 ml) which is an extra rich moisturizing formula for hands and body; a cuticle formula to soothe and nourish cuticles and nails – Nourish (7.4 g); Emery Board and a Consumer Brochure.

Jessica Damaged Nail Kit

Jessica Nails Damage Nails Kit

This kit is perfect for rebuilding nails from foundation to surface. The regenerative formula contains healing Echinacea to reinforce the nail and aid the recovery process. It includes a Mini Restoration, Brilliance and Phenomen Oil, each 7.4 ml a bottle.

Lip Gloss  – Dreamweave & Co – ‘Colorgenics’ Melting Mix Lip Paints

Dreamweave Colorgenics Lip Paints colours

The three different lip glosses don’t come as a set, but they can be considered as a set of seven hot melting colour fusions in just one tube. You can choose from the Coded Prism Pink to Purple, the Double Rainbow – Pink to Red and Melted Fusion – Orange to Brown and make your dear friend very happy. They have an award-winning non-drying, high pigmented gel formulation that locks colour and moisture for a long lasting, smooth, satin finish. So, what is a better lip gloss set than this one?

The Youngblood Illuminate Palette

Face Illuminator by Youngblood

This set of illuminators has a collection of 6 lightweight oil-free and easy to blend pearlescent cream shades. They can be worn alone or on top of their favourite foundation. A soft, beautiful, radiant look is what your close female friend will get regardless of her skin type, tone and pigment.

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