There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with watery and itchy eyes every time you apply eye makeup! For ladies with this problem, it is certainly clear how much time and energy they spend on choosing the right makeup suitable for sensitivities, and yet still, they often have poor results. Well, let me tell you a secret. It is not all about the products. Sure, they are important, but other factors can play a part in keeping the irritation at bay. Here is what to do so that even sensitive eyes can have their moment in the spotlight.

1.      Clean your Brushes Regularly

eye makeup brushesLet’s start here: clean your brushes regularly. This is your priority as they can quickly become contaminated and a nest for bacteria and dirt. Without realising, you transfer them onto your eyes, and the itching, redness and watering starts. So, if you apply makeup every day it won’t hurt to clean  your brushes daily to keep the bacteria and dirt at bay.

Use a mild soap or shampoo that you already use and wash them thoroughly. You can use a facial scrubs to rub the brushes against, and you will see how easily the makeup, dirt and everything else comes off. Then, place them on a clean cloth to dry.

2.      Don’t Line the Waterline

That’s a big mistake, so avoid this step of applying makeup. Even though using a white kohl pencil will make your eyes appear bigger, you won’t be able to tell the difference because it will irritate the eyes and cause redness and swelling which will in turn cause the eyes to shrink and look puffy. If you still want to create a more dramatic look, line outside the lash line with a talc-free and paraben-free eyeliner.

3.      Put Eye Drops in Before Applying Makeup

If you use eye drops daily, use them at least 30 minutes before you apply your makeup. If you do it 5 minutes or right before you apply makeup your eyes will become even more sensitive. And, don’t even think about using them after you’ve done your makeup. When you close your eyes immediately afterwards, the solution might bond with some of the makeup, allowing the makeup to enter your eyes and make them watery. Which is not fun at all.

4.      Use Talc-free and Paraben-free Products

sensitive eyes with makeupYour makeup products must be talc-free and paraben-free as these substances are additionally irritating when they come into contact with the eyes. Also, if you can find natural products that give awesome results, go for it. The fewer chemicals they have, the better. Neveya Cosmetics offers you the best liquid eyeliner which won’t hurt your eyes and will help you create a flawless look.

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