5.      Replace Powder Eye Shadows with Creamy Eye Shadow

Powder eye shadows easily flake and enter the eyes, thus causing irritation and eye inflammation. Instead of using them, try using creamy ones which will stay in place and not flake. Another suggestion is to keep away from shimmery or glittery shadows because the gel they contain in their formula can irritate the eyes even more.

6.      Replace your Products Often

Don’t use your products for more than three months or for longer than the suggested timeframe on the product packaging. Once you open them, the makeup containers are exposed to dirt, and thus bacteria can easily nest in them. Therefore, replace them regularly even if you don’t use them often. Or if you are trying to save money, replace those products that you use every day.

7.      Always Remove Makeup Before Bed

Let’s put the focus on ALWAYS. Under no circumstance should you leave your makeup on when calling it a night, especially if you have sensitive eyes. It is crucial that you protect the eyes from all the accumulated dirt and dust during the day. Use makeup remover for sensitive eyes and clean them thoroughly along with the rest of the face.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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