Spring is the season of new awakening; a revival, if you prefer. It is a season of fresh starts, warm days, new energy levels and lots of sunlight. To embrace all of these things, you need to start anew as well. You need to feel good and let loose. You need to grasp the idea of flawless perfection and create one out of your appearance. Makeup is just a tiny fraction that can help you out. But once you put nature in the picture – there is no stopping you. Here is what a good start means – the secrets of having luminous skin that can make everything better.

Water, Water, Water

Drink plenty of water. Follow the golden rule, 8×8. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day (which is about 2 litres) and always stay hydrated. Water means life – literally! It increases the blood circulation to the skin and keeps the cells up and working. Also, it prevents wrinkles and distressed, dry looking skin.

Sleep Enough and Sleep Well

girl with perfect natural skinAn adult needs 7-9 hours of a sound sleep at night. The truth is, if you are a working mum, a university student or just like to stay up late, you won’t have the luxury to sleep that amount of suggested hours. However, quality sleep doesn’t refer only to the length of the sleep. It also means leaving all electronic devices on the desk, far away from your bed, Also having a comfortable bed and a posture-supporting mattress all help. And why? Because quality sleep fights against skin conditions like acne, drying the skin and premature ageing.

Transform Your Body Lotion Into Sun Kisses

Add some self tan drops into your favourite body and face lotion and transform it into a self-tanning moisturiser that will add an instant glow to your skin, making it more radiant than ever. It is the best way to have sun-kissed skin without having to expose your skin to the harmful UV rays of the tanning beds or the Sun itself.

Vani-T Glow and Self Tan Drops


Transform your favourite body lotion and moisturiser into a tanning product. Just a few drops full of Melanotone complex and you can glow radiantly.


Take the Advantages of Coconut Oil

For an instant dewy look, apply some coconut oil directly on the cheeks. It is a natural highlighter that brings a plethora of benefits as well. However, if you have large pores, be careful with its use as it ranks 4 and even higher on the comedogenic scale.

Use SPF Regularly

Make sure that whenever you are out and about you use SPF even if it is cloudy. It hugely benefits your skin by slowing down ageing and preventing wrinkles. Plus, it makes the skin look shiny – the good type of shiny.

Don’t Forget the Argan Oil

Argan Oil is the liquid gold of the essential oils. It ranks 0 on the comedogenic scale, and it is an excellent solution for dry, acne-prone and oily skin. It should be your answer if you have problems with severely dry skin and you need intense hydration. Plus, it will fight acne and make your face look brighter.

Break Up with Bad Skin Habits

No touching your face, ever! Your hands are covered with dirt and germs, and when you touch your face, you transfer them to the skin, causing it to break out severely. This can cause additional problems that must be treated medically and take you even further away from the luminous look that you want to achieve.