Jessica Nail Polish Phenom - The Royals


The Royals is a vivid colour nail polish with a deep pink shade with a shimmer finish. rich texture, smooth and shiny finish that dries in minutes.


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And you still haven’t decided what to give the most special person in your life? Don’t worry, as now you can read about the most popular makeup products that every woman must have. Why not pick one of these or maybe more and surprise your mother with a present that will complement her beauty. Sounds interesting, right? Here we go.

A Lip-Pampering Lip Gloss

Colorgenics Lip Gloss

Choose between the two types of Dreamweave lip glosses: The Melting Mix Lip Paint and Dreamweave Colorgenics Lip Gloss which give a perfectly smooth and superior texture and make the lips irresistible. The first one comes in three different tubes: Pink to Purple, Pink to Red and Orange to Brown and each of them offers seven hot melting colour fusions that effortlessly melt on the lips.

Or, you can go with the second type, the original non sticky lip gloss in two variants: Pink to Bronze and Pink to Red. With this one in just one stroke, the lips will get a voluminous pout. There are also seven pre-selected mixing chambers in the tubes so you can create your own shade of colour according to the mood. Which shades would your mum love?

Crushed Mineral Blush

Mineral Blusher

Another makeup product every woman must have is the Crushed Mineral Blush which will give the cheeks, temples, eyes even the lips a natural, healthy glow. Its formula is enriched with highly pigmented, pure minerals that can give a sheer or strong effect depending on your preferences.

The best thing about this mineral blush is that is paraben-free and talc-free as well as PETA certified cruelty free. Available in three shades: Dusty Pink, Plumberry and Sherbat. A perfect treat for your mum’s skin!

Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation - Neutral


100% pure minerals on your face. Seamless coverage, long-wearing and exceptionally lightweight in a neutral tint.


A 7-free Nail Polish

Jessica nails

Is there a woman who doesn’t enjoy at the sight of perfectly polished nails? The answer is negative, of course. Now, you can choose one of the amazing nail polish colours by Jessica Nails and let your mum enjoy the completely healthy formula without the 7 dangerous chemicals. All of the polishes are intensive with an extraordinary depth of colour and stay on for a long time. Which is your mum’s favourite nail polish colour?

A Defining Mascara

Defining Mascara

Defined, well formulated and long lashes are the dream of every woman regardless of her age. Get the Dreamweave & Co Magnegenics Mascara that will make the lashes bold and dramatic and extra glamorous. In addition, the lashes will be completely smudge-free and the effect will last until the mascara is removed with water.

A Manicure Kit

Manicure Kit

If you want to get your mum the perfect manicure kit, don’t look any further. The Jessica at Home Maintenance Kit will make her hands refreshed and flawless. Because of its compact size, it is also excellent for travelling. It includes a high gloss finish – Brilliance, an intensive moisturiser for cuticles and dry rough areas of skin – Phenomen Oil, an extra rich moisturising formula for hands and body – Hand & body Emulsion, a cuticle formula to soothe and nourish cuticles and nails – Nourish, an Emery board and a Consumer Brochure.