There is saying bearded men swear by: “A man without a beard is like a lion without a mane”. The beard represents sophistication, wisdom and pride. A man with a well-groomed beard differentiates from the pack and instantly makes him more appealing and seductive. However, not everyone can get that full, thick and long beard for various reasons all related to the health and lifestyle of men. If you belong to this group of men, here are some very effective tips.

Healthy Body Is a Must

If you don’t have a healthy lifestyle how do you expect to have a healthy beard? It is not possible. That is why you must start taking care of your body, because the growth of facial hair is tightly related to the health of your body. You can begin this journey of transformation by eating foods that are rich in proteins including eggs, fish and beans. Also, you must avoid stressful situations as much as possible as stress is a cold-blooded killer when it comes to hair growth. Because of stress, men tend to lose hair at a very young age.

Another thing you can do is to have the optimal 8-hour sleep at night. A full night sleep will help your body take its time to rest and in a way, to finish a cycle of activities and start anew in the morning. Moreover, exercising must be a part of the daily activities because it will improve the blood circulation in the body which will promote facial hair growth.

Take Time and Believe in the Process

It might be very difficult in the beginning when you decide that you are going to let your beard grow. In fact, most people struggle so much that they give up just at the moment when progress is made. The most critical period for every man is when the skin under the beard becomes irritable and very itchy that you can’t help yourself but scratch it day and night. That is the moment that most men decide to shave it off.

But, it would be much easier to know that you have to give it time so that your beard can naturally start growing, at least four weeks. During this period you will experience uncontrollable itching which can be easily solved with the right beard growth kit of products. By using them, your hairs will soften and fall in place.

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