Very often, people don’t need words to express how they feel, what they think and what they would do. They intentionally or subconsciously use their body language, behaviour, and clothes or make-up to talk instead of them. Let’s take the choice of colours, for example. Have you noticed how you would pick yellow if you are feeling cheerful? Or red to seduce your partner? Or probably blue when you want to relax?

Yes, colours have a deep connection with our feelings and character traits. What we don’t say out loud, colours do silently. And even if you haven’t realised just yet the meaning of your choices, you are expressing yourself through colours. Here is a fun outlook of their meaning when it comes to your nail polish colour.

Red Means Passion

woman with red nails

Red is the ultimate classic colour that expresses passion. If you like wearing red on your nails that means that you like the attention of being in the spotlight. You are confident and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. You like to flirt and be playful under the sheets! Basically, your nails scream passion all the way.

Our suggestion:

Jessica Nail Polish - Royal Red


Royal Red is a 7-free nail polish with a creme block finish. Polish your nails in a royal style and enjoy the depth of colour.


Black Means Femme Fatale

woman with black nails

Black is a very expressive and suggestive colour. It symbolises luxury, power and authority, so if you are a fan of this strong colour, you are subtly expressing yourself as femme fatale. By wearing black on your nails you say “Don’t mess with me”! Even though black nails can often be seen on teenagers’ nails, especially the ones that go through their rebellious phase, black colour still takes a high spot in the fashion and beauty world.

Pearly Pink Means Subtle Beauty

woman with pink nails

Baby pink, pearly pink, blush pink, peach pink, flamingo pink, taffy pink, crepe pink, etc. are all undertones of the light pink and they all have one thing in common: they express subtle beauty. These are just a few of the trending nail colors that are suitable to wear at the office, on special occasions, at the beach or any season. Pearly pink nail polish shows that you always take care of your nails even though they are done discreetly.

Our suggestion:

Jessica Nail Polish Phenom - Pink-A-Boo


Pink-A-Boo is a vivid colour nail polish with a rose pink shade and a sheer finish. Dries quickly, no UV light needed.


White Means Restart

white nails

White nail polish shows that you are about to embark on a journey grasping all of the possibilities. You are starting with a clean slate and a refreshed state of mind. Also, by wearing white you show that you care about every single step during that journey; the same as you pay attention to the look of your nails (as white is probably the hardest nail polish colour to apply because it cracks and chips easily).

Our suggestion:

Jessica Nail Polish - Chalk White


Chalk White is a 7-free nail polish with a creme block finish. Excellent for French tips manicure.


Clear Means Busy

clear nails and a feather

If you prefer wearing clear nail polish you are saying to the world “I don’t have time to pick a colour, but I do like my nails to shine”. And, that is an excellent decision because even though your nails aren’t rocking a certain colour, they are still perfectly done and highly-maintained.

Our suggestion:

Jessica Reward - Base Coat


For healthy nails, use a healthy base coat. Rich with natural botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins, the Jessica Base Coat protects your nails thoroughly.


Metallic Means Fun

metallic nails

Are you a fun person? You are if your nail polish colour of choice is metallic. Sapphire blues, emerald greens and amethyst purples with metallic finale shine are the popular options among people who know how to have fun. Also, artistically talented people will always choose this type of nail polish as the mixing of solid colours with a blast of shine is acting as a trigger to their imagination.

Our suggestion:

Jessica Nail Polish - Shall We Dance


Shall We Dance is a 7-free nail polish with a deep red metallic finish. For all the flirting ladies who know how to have fun.