Long, defined and thick eyelashes even on a casual day out is often a staple look for most women!  Even when you are in a hurry and don’t have time for the whole make up ritual, you probably don’t leave your home without moisturiser on your face, lipstick or lip gloss and of course, beautifully long black eyelashes. If you agree with this, then you obviously love mascara as much as we do! Especially black lengthening mascara that does wonders for your eyes. Here is everything you need to know about this beauty product.

For a Specific Look, Get Specific

There different types of mascaras for different purposes. If you want to create a specific look, you have to choose the appropriate type of mascara. Don’t go for the do-all mascaras that promise you all the wanted effects in just one tube. Formulas are already packed with lots of ingredients, so in order to be effective, one of the ingredients must be sacrificed for the benefit of the other.

Therefore, if you want curled eyelashes opt for the mascara that has resins and waxes that lift and bend the straight eyelashes. Or if you want long and defined eyelashes go for a lengthening formula with silicone and silky based nylon fibres that will coat each lash making it long and dramatic. Of course, the brush is also very important – its look actually tells you how your eyelashes would look like; if it is big and bushy, your eyelashes will look this way as well. And don’t forget that a brush with spiky plastic bristles will separate the eyelashes.

Many makeup artists agree that the lengthening mascara is your ideal choice for casual makeup. It will define your lashes, deepen your look but at the same time, it won’t be too distracting in the daylight.

Black Is the New Black

Black mascara is classic. Sure, you can experiment and get playful with different coloured mascaras, but for casual day makeup, black remains the recommended option. In fact, everyone can pull off black eyelashes including blondes. This is because a mascara’s role is to enhance the shape of the eye and define the lashes so it must be clearly visible and distinguishable.

One thing you might consider though is to choose black mascara that will be smudge-free because clumps of black won’t give you the wanted effect at all. For that purpose, we have the world’s best lengthening mascara, the Lash Magnet Mascara by Dreamweave aka the “Eyelash extension in a tube” that gives a dramatically longer and completely smudge free flutter which lasts. Guaranteed results, without a doubt.

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Lengthening Mascara

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