The most important reason to choose this one is that they are SAFE. Instead of the harmful UV rays, you get a moisturising cream, mousse or spray tan that covers the skin and gets you excellent results. Application is easy and though you need to do it in a few steps the right ways and there are no side effects.

Vani-T Spray Tan


Vani-T Velocity Rapid Tanning Mousse


Perfect tan in just a few hours. Light, Medium, Dark or Ultra Dark Sunkissed Body with the ultimate rich formula that looks and feels like magic.


Vani-T self-tanning products offered by Neveya Cosmetics are infused with the purest natural ingredients and provide health to your skin. They contain Babchi Oil, Guarana, Fruit Enzymes, Australian Quandong and Kakadu Plum and Vitamins A, E and C that prompt the hydration of your skin.

In addition, it is less expensive than paying hundreds of dollars for tanning sessions. Perhaps you can find a beauty salon that offers a convenient price of using the tanning bed but keep in mind that you will need to pay a lot for several sessions if you want to get that lush tan you want.

All things considered, making the obvious choice by choosing the healthy option is simply a must. Yes, using a tanning bed will give you the dark tan you want but the consequences are too serious and life-threating. Beauty is beauty only when it is healthy.


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