Lips without lip gloss are like cake without frosting. This beauty craze from the 90s has found its way back in the hottest trends this year as some of the biggest stars are endorsing it at full throttle. And today, wearing lip gloss is trendier than it has ever been. This is due to the fact that the cosmetics industry has improved the formulas with more natural ingredients which maximize the shine and the texture of the lip gloss. Old fashioned lip glosses were thicker and stickier than honey which was an issue for most of the girls who didn’t like the sticky feeling attached to it. Nowadays, the improved new lines of lip gloss are ready to sweep the world off its feet again. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

Best Lip Gloss

The Glossy Factor

What does the lip gloss bring to the table? A smile that is shiny, glossy, reflective and gleaming. It is the only cosmetic product that is effortlessly chic and glamorous. It makes your lips pop in the sun and recognizable in the night. A lipstick can’t be effortlessly cool because you have to get the colour tone right which is not the case with the lip gloss. Even though they too come in different colours their superior feature it’s the gloss.

Many Tones and Textures

Aside from the classic nude and light pink hues, there are so many lip gloss colour tones and types you can pick from. Go for green, yellow, gold, purple and experiment with the looks. You can get out of your comfort zone and try different shades with bolder makeup for a night out with your friends. In addition find a suitable texture from the crème, sheer, ultra-glossy and even metallic finish choices and rock your look with self-confidence. You certainly won’t regret it!

The Uniqueness Factor

Neither lipstick nor lip pencils can have the effect the lip gloss has. It makes your lips look moisturized and voluptuous with just a single application. It’s the ultra instant lip plumper. Its uniqueness makes it so versatile that it can work in combination with other products. For instance, it can complement the look of a crimson red shade with a smoky eye or flirtatious nude tones with a flawless base. When it comes to the possibilities of using the lip gloss, the sky is the limit.

The Throwback Factor

As mentioned previously, the lip gloss comes from the nineties and today’s comeback makes the throwback to those years even more special as we are on the verge of a serious ‘00s comeback. All fashion trends go in a circle and the shiny, thick pigmented gloss formula is surely one of them.

The Volume Factor

Your lips have never been with a more volume than with the application of the lip gloss. It has an instant lip plumping powers because of the way it reflects the light. So, the end result is the illusion of fuller lips than they normally are. All the other lip products tend to make the lips look flat. In order to avoid this, just apply a layer of your favourite lip gloss.  

Healthy and Moisturizing

Lip glosses moisturize the lips. The new and improved formulas contain healthy and very often natural and organic ingredients which keep the lips fresh and plump. They are super-hydrating making the lips soft and supple. Reapplying is easy so your lips can shine brightly even after hours after wearing it.