There is something sultry, addicting and irresistible about women’s eyes, especially when they are perfectly defined. There is nothing more dramatically beautiful than a winged eyeliner makeup that looks extra attractive and complements almost every kind of look. However, if you are a beginner at creating the cat eye effect with wings, you would certainly need a few tips. Here is what you should do.

Quick Flick Winged Eyeliner

Technique No. 1:  Use a Quick Flick Black Eyeliner

One of the best ways to master this skill is to use the Quick Flick winged eyeliner that has a patented winged eyeliner stamp. As the winged eyeliner is pre-loaded with ink, there is no need for you to dip it into ink; you just need to apply the stamp and the line. If you haven’t tried this product before, it is better first to draw the line and end it on the edge of the eye and then apply the stamp. Or, if you feel confident you can stamp first then draw the line. And, whichever way you choose to apply the black eyeliner, never forget to stamp with your eye open so it doesn’t look different. The results are a subtle and sophisticated winged cat eye look and perfectly defined eyes.

Winged Black Eyeliner

Technique No. 2:  Use an Angled Eyeliner Brush

Another way to make that seductive winged eye makeup is by using an angled eyeliner brush. They are specially designed so you can easily make the line. It is always a good idea to slightly wet the brush before dipping it into the ink. What you should do is to place the brush on the outer edge of the eye so that you can create an angle with your temples. Then you should create the upper curve of the wing by placing the brush over the line you did. In the end, you should fill the blank space between the lines with the eyeliner brush to the inner corner.

Technique No. 3: Use Tape

Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but it works. You should cut a tape about 2 cm long and stick it along the outer edge of the eyes. Of course, you choose the angle that you want your wings to be. Then, you should trace along the outlines of the tape to draw the wing. Finally, you should finish off by extending the line along the upper lash line with your black eyeliner.

Some Other Tips

Usually, makeup artists recommend using pencil eyeliner for beginners as they give a softer finish and great control, however, it doesn’t have the same bold effect the liquid and gel eyeliner have. So, if you are just starting to experiment with your winged look, or you keep on making mistakes that spoil your makeup you should go with a pencil eyeliner. Use it until you gain some control and confidence then replace it with the other types.

Furthermore, you can decide how much dramatic you want your cat eye look to be. A simple rule of thumb is to make that decision based on the occasion you are putting your makeup on. If it is for a weekend night out then you can go for that bold and dramatic look. But, if you are getting ready to go for a walk in the park with some friends or do some shopping in your favourite mall, then medium is what you should go for. Finally, if you are getting ready for work, then try keeping the drama to the minimum.